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In Rupees

Category A (At the time of Admission)
S.#Description Regular Open Merit
Spring 2013Spring 2014 Spring 2013Spring 2014
1Admission Fee3500385035003850
2Registration Fee3500385035003850
3Identity Card220242220242
4Library Security (Refundable)4000440040004400
5Documents Verfication fee1600176016001760
Category B Per Semester 
6Tuition Fee20000220005500060500
7Students Welfare Fund450495450495
8Magazine/Newspaper fund60666066
9Sports Charges600660600660
10Library Charges750825750825
11Laboratory Charges/Computer Charges900990900990
12Transport Charge2700297027002970
13Terminal Examination Fee1700187017001870
Categary C (One Time)
1Admission Form (Including Prospectus)NilNilNil1100
2Fee for non credit course other than a compulsory (per course)NilNilNil1650
3Fee for Repeating (per course) (Compulsory & Non-Credit)NilNilNil715
4Grade Card/Result Card Normal/Regular (20 working days)NilNilNil250
5Grade Card/Result Card Urgent (05 working days)NilNil100500
6Degree Fee *NilNilNil3025
7Duplicate Degree Fee *NilNilNil5500
8Migration Certificate FeeNilNilNil2200
9Duplicate Detail Marks Certificate *NilNilNil2200

* Applicable at the time student applies for the degree issuance