Name: Dr. Mazhar Iqbal Zafar
Designation: Assistant Professor
Department: Environmental Sciences

Qualifications: Ph.D. Environmental Risk Assessment of Pesticides (ERA). Department of Aquatic Ecology & Water Quality Management Group (AEW). Wageningen University and Alterra Research Centre, Wageningen, Netherlands (Holland).

Phone: +92-51 9064-4182
Status: On Job
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Zafar M.I., R.P.A. van Wijngaarden, I. Roessink and P.J. van den Brink.2011. Effects of time-variable exposure regimes of the insecticide chlorpyrifos on freshwater invertebrate communities in microcosms. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 30(6): 1383-1394.
Zafar M.I., J.D.M. Belgers, R.P.A. van Wijngaarden, A. Master and P.J. van den Brink. 2012. Ecological impacts of time-variable exposure regimes to the fungicide azoxystrobin on freshwater communities in outdoor microcosms. Ecotoxicology 21(4): 1024-1038.
R.P.A. van Wijngaarden., J.D.M. Belgers, M.I. Zafar, A. Master, M.C.   Boerwinkle and  G.H.P. Arts. 2014. Chronic Aquatic Effect Assessment for the Fungicide Azoxystrobin. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 33(12): 2775-2785.
Mamoona, H.N., Hussain, I., and Zafar, M.I.,  Ali, Z., AbdEl-Salam, N.M. 2016. Classification of Drinking Water Quality Index and Identification of Significant Factors. Water Resources Management 30 (12): pp 4233–4246.
Farooqi. A., M. I. Zafar. 2016.
Response to "Co-occurrence of arsenic and fluoride in the groundwater of Punjab, Pakistan: source discrimination and health risk assessment" by Rasool et al. 2015. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. Accepted.
S. Ahmed, M.I. Zafar, A. Hussain, M.A. Riaz and M. Shahid. 2011. Evaluation of plant extracts on mortality and tunneling activities of Subterranean Termites in Pakistan. In: Pesticides in the Modern World - Pests control and pesticides exposure and toxicity assessment. Stoytcheva, Margarita (ed.) InTech - Open Access Publisher. pp. 39-51.

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