Name: Dr. Hussain Ali
Designation: Assistant Professor
Department: Pharmacy

Qualifications: PhD (Bio-pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Technology), Germany

Phone: +92-51 9064-4021
Status: On job
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Research Interests Publications Conferences Research Projects

Nanoparticles for Therapeutic Applications.

1.     Salman Khan; Omer Shehzad; Hussain Ali; Yeong Shik Kim (2016), Nitric oxide signaling is a therapeutic strategy and a compensatory mechanism for neuroprotective and anti-neuroinflammatory properties of capillarisin, (Submission ID: PONE-D-16-32096)

2.     Hussain Ali, Benno Weigmann, Eva-Maria Collnot, Saeed Ahmad Khan, Maike Windbergs, Claus-Michael Lehr (2015), Budesonide Loaded PLGA Nanoparticles for Targeting the Inflamed Intestinal Mucosa—Pharmaceutical Characterization and Fluorescence Imaging, pharmaceutical Research, Springer, DOI 10.1007/s11095-015-1852-6

3.     Saeed Ahmad Khan, Hussain Ali, Ayesha Ihsan, and Nadeem Sabir (2015), Tuning the Size of Gelatin Nanoparticles Produced by Nanoprecipitation, colloid journal, ISSN 1061􏰀933X, Colloid Journal, 2015, Vol. 77, No. 5, pp. 672–676.

4.     Hussain Ali, Benno Weigmann, Eva-Maria Collnot, Maike Windbergs, Marcus F. Naurath, Claus- Michael Lehr (2013), Budesonide loaded nanoparticles with pH-sensitive coating for improving the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease, journal of controlled release. Volume 183, Pages 167–177

5.     Hussain Ali, Eva-Maria Collnot, Maike Windbergs, Claus-Michael Lehr (2012), Nanomedicines for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease, European Journal of Nano-medicine, Volume 5, Issue 1, Pages 23–38, May 2013.

6.     Eva-Maria Collnot, Hussain Ali, Claus-Michael Lehr (2012), Nano- and micro particulate drug carriers  for  targeting  of  the  inflamed  intestinal  mucosa,  Journal  of  controlled  release. 161(2):235-46.

7.     Fransisca Leonard, Hussain Ali, Eva-Maria Collnot, Bart J. Crielaard, Twan Lammers, Gert Storm, Calus-Michael Lehr CM (2011), In vitro screening of budesonide drug delivery systems for the treatment of IBD in a novel inflamed 3D cell culture model, ALTEX. 29(3): 275-85

·      Hussain Ali (PI), Gul Majid Khan (Co-PI); “Preparation of polymeric micro nanoparticles for therapeutic applications”, HEC, Pakistan (in-Progress)

·      Hussain Ali (PI), Salman Khan (Co-PI); “Preparation and characterization of drug loaded PLGA/pH- sensitive PLGA-nanoparticles for therapeutic applications”, HEC, Pakistan (Submitted)

·      Salman Khan (PI), Hussain Ali (Co-PI), “Therapeutic potential of anti-inflammation in attenuation of neurodegenerative diseases: molecular approach toward specific targets” HEC, Pakistan (Submitted)

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