Name: Dr. Bilal Haider Abbasi
Designation: Associate Professor and Chairperson
Department: BIO Technology

Qualifications: Ph. D Biotechnology (Bioprocess Technology)

Phone: +92-51 9064-4121
Status: On Job
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Medicinal plants have always been considered a healthy source of life for the people. Therapeutical properties of medicinal plants are very useful in healing various diseases. There are more than 8000 medicinal plants listed in different classical and modern texts. Traditional knowledge of medicinal plants is currently threatened in communities of developing countries by loss of traditional cultural systems and conservation of local agricultural and forest ecosystems to other purposes. 

Plant Cell Culture lab is focusing on establishment of feasible and reliable production system for commercially important medicinal plant species. Enhancement of secondary metabolite content in plant cell and cryopreservation of rare/threatened and endangered plant species. 

Silybum marianum, Carthamus oxyacanths, Piper, Brassica alba, Brassica rapa, Eruca sativa, Atropa acuminate, Artemisia absinthium are main species of interest.
As Pricncipal Investigator: 

1. Strategies for production of chemically consistent Silybum marianum plantlets. NRPU. HEC. 2012-2015. 

2. Piper nigrum: micropropagation and chromatographic fingerprint analysis for quality control. NPRU. HEC. 2010-2013

3. Establishment of adventitious root cultures in Silybum marianum. Start up grant by HEC. Completed. 

Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, 45320, Pakistan.
Tel: +92-51 9064 0000,