PhD (Economics) Wuhan University (2009)


[Principal Supervisor: Ying Ma

Thesis Title “The Effects of Financial Development on Economic Growth and Macroeconomic Fluctuations: A Comparative Study of China and Pakistan”


M.Phill (Economics) Quaid-i-Azam University (2002)

Principal Supervisor: Eatzaz Ahmed

Thesis Title “Estimates of Demand Functions for Composite Consumer Goods in Pakistan

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Research Interests Publications Conferences Research Projects

 Applied Econometrics, Financial Development, Financial Inclusion and Macro Economics     


  1. Energy-Driven Economic Growth: Energy Consumption-Economic Growth Nexus Revisited for China Emerging Markets Finance and Trade 50, 5, 159-168, 2014

  2. Military Expenditures and Economic Growth: Allowing Structural Breaks in Time Series Analysis in the Case of India and Pakistan [Forthcoming in Quality and Quantity]

  3.  “Growth Effects of Fiscal Decentralization: Empirical Evidence from Chinese Provinces” Emerging Market Trade and Finance 50 (2014) 4, 176–195

  4. Fiscal deficit and inflation: New evidences from Pakistan using a bounds testing approach. Economic Modelling 37 (2014) 120–126

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    Other Peer Reviewed Publications


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  31. Impact of Terrorism on Economy of Pakistan: The Role of Print Media: Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences  31, 80-94

Title of Thesis

Name of Student


Completed Research at MPhil Level

Finance-Inflation nexus: Heterogeneous panel Methods

Farah Habeeb


Investment Efficiency and Financial Development in Paksitan

Hammad Manzoor


Trade and Violence : A gravity model Approach

Abdul Rauf


Rent Seeking and Aid-Growth Nexus



Terrorism, Media Corruption and Economy of Pakistan

Amaan Khan 


The role of Judicial Strength in Innovation Led Growth

Shamrez Bhatti  


Trust and capital formation in developing countries

Iffat Rubab 


The power of family and household behaviour: the case of Pakistan

Asma Fiaz



Armed races in Pakistan and India: A game theoretic Approach

Hafiz Khurrum Nadeem



The Role of political  (In)stability in determining the income inequality of the developing countries

Ishfaq Khan


Impact of Corruption on Foreign Direct Investment : Evidence from Dynamics Heterogeneous Panel Data

Ameena Qureshi


On the Determinant of Financial Development in Pakistan

Humera Akbar


Demand for Foreign Exchange Reserves under Alternative Exchange Rate Regimes: A Cross Country Analysis

Sundus Saleemi


Tourism-Growth Nexus: A Cointegaration Analysis for Pakistan

Tahir Mahmood


R&D, Intellectual Property Rights and Economic Growth in Developing Countries

Javed Rasool


Openness, Economic Growth and Income Inequality in Developing Countries

Javaria Ahmed


The Impact of Trade Liberalization on the Environment of Pakistan

Nadia Bukhari


Under Supervision at MPhil Level (below are the suggested titles)

Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth in Developing Economies

Samia Manan

The Determinants of Success of World Bank Projects 

Rabbia Tariq

Talent, Technology and Economic Growth: A Path Analysis 

Rabia Haroon

Inter-factor and Inter-Fuel Substitution for Economy of Pakistan

Waqar Khalid

PhD Scholars Enrolled (Proposed Area)

Three Essays on International Risk Sharing

Nazia Bibi 

 Economics of Heath in Pakistan

Ayesha Iftikhar 

The Analysis of trade policy of Pakistan in CGE framework

Naseeb Zada  

Trade liberalization and Economic Growth

Mudassara Javed  

Economics of Non-violence Crime

Humera Akbar

Testing the Tourism Growth Nexus: A cointegration Analysis for Pakistan in Emerging Issues of Social Science in Pakistan, Islamabad 2012


Korean Economic Development and Policy: Lesson from Pakistan. An invited lecture in NUST, Islamabad

Openness and Economic Growth in Brazil: Evidence from ARDL Bounds Testing Procedure. 37th European Economic Association conference, New York USA Feb 25-27, 2011

Trade Balance and Real Exchange Rate Changes: A Revisit. 17th International Economic Conference SIBIU, Romania May 13-14, 2010


Financial Development and Reduced Growth Volatility: Evidence from China (July 2009). International Trade and Finance Association Conference Papers. 19th International Conference in Beijing (


Financial Development, Trade and Growth Linkages: Bound Testing Approach on South Africa and China CIBS II Project Meeting of UNU WIDER in Johannesburg, South Africa 2008


The Finance-Fluctuation Nexus: Further Evidence from Pakistan and China: Presented in the 23rd AGM of Pakistan Society of Development Economics Islamabad, Pakistan 2008


Finance-growth Nexus: Principal Component analysis for Pakistan and China; Presented in an international seminar held in Centre for Development Economics Research in Wuhan. 2008


Exchange Rate Determination and Order flows: Evidence from Pakistan: International Seminar in Wuhan University. 2006

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