Admissions for MPhil Programme (Spring Semester-2015) >> Subjects Offered

Applications from Pakistani/foreign nationals are invited for admission to MPhil programme of the University in the following disciplines latest by 28-01-2015

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Faculty of Biological Sciences

S #  DisciplineArea of StudyRequirement
1.Animal SciencesEndocrinology, Reproductive Physiology, Physiology, Parasitology, Fisheries and Aqua Culture, Genetics, Wildlife Ecology, Animal Microbiology.MSc/BS Hons (4-years) in Zoology/ Biochemistry/ Biotechnology/DVM / Environmental Sciences with Zoology or its equivalent degree from HEC recognized university.
2.BiochemistryBiochemistry, Molecular Plant Breading, Enzymology, Pharmacology, Clinical Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Molecular Genetics, Immunochemistry.MSc Biochemistry, BS/BSc Hons./ Agriculture (4 years) or its equivalent degree from HEC recognized university, MBBS / DVM / Pharm.D are also eligible. Note: BSc (Hons) degree holder in Medical Laboratory Technology are ineligible.
3.BioinformaticsComparative and Evolutionary Genomics, Structural Proteomics, Software Development, Functional Genomics, Molecular Modeling, QM simulation, protein-protein interaction.MSc Molecular Biology/Biological Sciences, BS Hons (4 years) degree in Bioinformatics or its equivalent degree from HEC recognized university.
4.BiotechnologyMedical Genetics, Medicinal Plants Biotechnology, Bioprocess Technology, Molecular Systematics & Applied Ethnobotany, Molecular Virology.MSc/ BS/BSc Hons (4 years) degree or its equivalent in any field of Biological Sciences/ Agriculture from HEC recognized University, MBBS/DVM/Pharm.D are also eligible. For further details:
5.Environmental SciencesEnvironmental Biology and Eco-toxicology, Environmental Hydro geochemistry, Biodegradation and Environmental remediation.MSc degree or its equivalent in Biological/ Chemical/ Environmental Sciences from HEC recognized university.
6.MicrobiologyApplied, Environmental, Medical, Soil, Industrial, Molecular, Food Microbiology and Immunology.MSc Microbiology, BS/BSc Hons. (4 years) in relevant field/Agriculture or its equivalent degree from HEC recognized University, MBBS/ DVM/Pharm.D are also eligible.
7.Plant SciencesPlant Physiology, Genetics, Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Plant Microbe interaction, Molecular Plant Pathology, Plant Systematics and Biodiversity.MSc Botany, MSc (Hons), BS/BSc Hons (4 years) Agriculture or its equivalent degree, Pharm.D. from HEC recognized University.
7.PharmacyPharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacy practice, Pharm.Chemistry.Pharm-D/B-Pharm (4 years).

Faculty of Natural Sciences

S #  DisciplineArea of StudyRequirement
1.ChemistryInorganic/ Analytical Chemistry:  Organometallic Chemistry, Co-ordination Chemistry, Organic/ Inorganic Materials, Bio-inorganic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry.
Organic Chemistry: Organic Synthesis, Natural Products, Reaction Mechanism, Heterocyclic Compounds, Photochemistry, Organic Polymers.
Physical Chemistry: Material Sciences, Surface and Solid State Chemistry, Molecular Spectroscopy, (Radiation Chemistry, Electro-Chemistry), Chemical Kinetics, Polymer Chemistry, Solution Chemistry, Nano Technology, Colloids and Surfactants.
MSc degree in Chemistry or its equivalent with specialization in Inorganic/Analytical or Organic or Physical Chemistry from HEC recognized university.
2.Earth SciencesGeophysics, Hydrogeology and Geology.MSc/BS Hons (4 years) degree or its equivalent in Geophysics/Hydrogeology/Geology from HEC recognized university.
3.Electronics  Wave Propagation and Scattering, Complex Media, High Frequency Electromagnetics, Metamaterials, Quantum Optics, Quantum Information Theory, Classical, Quantum Chaos, Communications and Signal Processing, Coding Theory.MSc/BS degree in Electronics/Physics/Computer Science or BS Electronic/Electrical/Computer Engineering/Telecommunication from HEC recognized university.
4.MathematicsApplied and Pure Mathematics.MSc/ BS (4 years) in Mathematics/Physics or its equivalent degree from the HEC recognized university.
5.PhysicsAtomic and Molecular Physics, Semiconductor Physics, Plasma Physics, Magnetism and Nanomaterials, High-Tc Super Conductivity, Laser Physics, High Energy Physics and Cosmology, Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Optics/Quantum information, Computational Physics.MSc/BS (4 years) in Physics or its equivalent degree from the HEC recognized university.
6.StatisticsApplied/Mathematical Statistics.MSc/BS (4 years) in Statistics or its equivalent degree from the HEC recognized university.
7.MS (Information Science & Technology)
by Computer Science Department
Information Visualization & Interaction, Usability and Interactive Information Services, Web Science, Web Economy and Business in the Web, Social and Organizational Issues of Information.MSc/ BS (4 years) in Computer Science/ Software Engineering/ Information Technology from HEC recognized university with some experience in digital information interaction.

Faculty of Social Sciences

S #  DisciplineArea of StudyRequirement
1.Asian StudiesArchaeology, History, Comparative Civilizations, Comparative Religions, Languages and Linguistics (Ancient).MA/MSc degree or its equivalent in Archaeology, Anthropology, History, Comparative Civilizations (Ancient) Comparative Religions, Languages and Linguistics (Ancient) from HEC recognized university.
2.Defence & Strategic StudiesInternational security, South Asia, Global Political Economy, Arms control and Proliferation Issues.MA/MSc degree or its equivalent in Defence & Strategic Studies, Security/ War Studies, Political Science, International Relations, Defence & Diplomatic Studies, Pakistan Studies from HEC recognized university.
3.EconomicsMicro/Macroeconomics, Econometrics, International/ Public/ Monetary/ Labour/ Development Economics.M.A/MSc/ BS (4 years) degree in Economics or its equivalent from HEC recognized university. (M.A/M.Sc. in Agriculture Economics/Business Economics & Home Economics are not eligible).
4.HistoryModern South Asian HistoryMA/MSc in History or its equivalent from HEC recognized university.
5.Management SciencesManagement SciencesMBA (16 years)/MPA, BBA/BPA (Hons) 4 years from HEC recognized university.
6.Pakistan StudiesAll fields of Social Sciences relating to Pakistan.MA/MSc/ BS (4 years) degree or its equivalent in Pakistan Studies or any Social Science subject from HEC recognized university.