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Applications from Pakistani/foreign nationals are invited for admission to MPhil programme of the University in the following disciplines latest by 13.08.2015

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Faculty of Biological Sciences

S # Discipline Area of Study Requirement
1. Animal Sciences Endocrinology, Reproductive Physiology, Physiology, Parasitology, Fisheries and Aqua Culture, Genetics, Wildlife Ecology, Animal Microbiology. MSc/BS Hons (4-years) in Zoology/ Animal Biochemistry/ Animal Biotechnology/ Environmental Sciences with Zoology or its equivalent degree from HEC recognized university.Note: Applicants with background in Zoology will be considered only.
2. Biochemistry Biochemistry, Molecular Plant Breading, Enzymology, Pharmacology, Clinical Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Molecular Genetics, Immunochemistry. MSc Biochemistry, BS/BSc Hons./ Agriculture (4 years) or its equivalent degree from HEC recognized university, MBBS / DVM / Pharm.D are also eligible.  Note: BSc (Hons) degree holder in Medical Laboratory Technology are ineligible.
3. Bioinformatics Comparative and Evolutionary Genomics, Structural Proteomics, Software Development,  Functional Genomics, Molecular Modeling, QM simulation, protein-protein interaction. MSc/BS Hons (4-years), Molecular Biology, Animal Sciences, Plant Sciences, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pharmacy or any other filed in Biology, Computer Sciences from HEC recognized university.
4. Biotechnology Medical Genetics, Medicinal Plants Biotechnology, Bioprocess Technology, Molecular Systematics & Applied Ethnobotany, Molecular Virology. MSc/ BS/BSc Hons (4 years) degree or its equivalent in any field of Biological Sciences/ Agriculture from HEC recognized University, MBBS/DVM/Pharm.D are also eligible. For further details:
5. Environmental Sciences Environmental Biology and Eco-toxicology, Environmental Hydro geochemistry, Biodegradation and Environmental remediation, Environmental biotechnology, Renewable energy, Hydro-geology. MSc degree or its equivalent in Biological/ Chemical/ Environmental Sciences from HEC recognized university.
6. Microbiology Applied, Environmental, Medical, Soil, Industrial, Molecular, Food Microbiology and Immunology. MSc Microbiology, BS/BSc Hons. (4 years) in relevant field/Agriculture or its equivalent degree from HEC recognized University, MBBS/ DVM/Pharm.D are also eligible.
7. Plant Sciences Plant Physiology, Genetics, Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Plant Microbe interaction, Molecular Plant Pathology, Plant Systematics and Biodiversity, Plant Ecology & Conservation. MSc Botany, MSc Biology, M. Sc Biochemistry, BS/BSc Hons (4 years) Agriculture or its equivalent degree, Pharm.D. from HEC recognized University.
8. Pharmacy Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacy practice, Pharm.Chemistry. Pharm-D/B-Pharm (4 years).

Faculty of Natural Sciences

S # Discipline Area of Study Requirement
1. Chemistry Inorganic/ Analytical Chemistry: Organometallic Chemistry, Co-ordination Chemistry, Organic/ Inorganic Materials, Bio-inorganic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry.Organic Chemistry: Organic Synthesis, Natural Products, Reaction Mechanism, Heterocyclic Compounds, Photochemistry, Organic Polymers.Physical Chemistry: Material Sciences, Surface and Solid State Chemistry, Molecular Spectroscopy, (Radiation Chemistry, Electro-Chemistry), Chemical Kinetics, Polymer Chemistry, Solution Chemistry, Nano Technology, Colloids and Surfactants. MSc degree in Chemistry or its equivalent with specialization in Inorganic/Analytical or Organic or Physical Chemistry from HEC recognized university.
2. Earth Sciences Geophysics, Hydrogeology and Geology. MSc/BS Hons (4 years) degree or its equivalent in Geophysics/Hydrogeology/Geology from HEC recognized university.
3. Electronics Wave Propagation and Scattering, Complex Media, High Frequency Electromagnetics, Metamaterials, Quantum/Atom Optics, Quantum Information Theory, Classical/ Quantum Chaos, Communications and Signal Processing, Coding Theory. MSc/BS degree in Electronics/Physics/Computer Science or BS Electronic/Electrical/Computer Engineering/Telecommunication from HEC recognized university.
4. Mathematics Applied and Pure Mathematics. MSc/ BS (4 years) in Mathematics/Physics or its equivalent degree from the HEC recognized university.
5. Physics Atomic and Molecular Physics, Semiconductor Physics, Plasma Physics, Magnetism and Nanomaterials, High-Tc Super Conductivity, Laser Physics, High Energy Physics and Cosmology, Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Optics/Quantum information, Computational Physics. MSc/BS (4 years) in Physics or its equivalent degree from the HEC recognized university.
6. Statistics Applied/Mathematical Statistics. MSc/BS (4 years) in Statistics or its equivalent degree from the HEC recognized university.
7. Computer Science Computer Science MSc/BS (4-years) in CS/SE/IT from the HEC recognized university

Faculty of Social Sciences

S # Discipline Area of Study Requirement
1. Anthropology Social Change and Development, Ethnographic Studies, Socio Religious Institution Environment. MA/MSc/BS (4-years) degree or equivalent in Social Sciences/Behavioral Sciences from HEC recognized university.
2. American Studies American History, American Politics and Government, US foreign Policy, US Literature, Latin American Politics. MA/MSc/BS (4-years) degree or its equivalent in American Studies, International Relations, Political Sciences, Defence & Strategic Studies, History, Pakistan Studies, Mass Communication, English Literature, Anthropology, Sociology & Economics from HEC recognized university.
3. Asian Studies Archaeology, History, Comparative Civilizations, Comparative Religions, Languages and Linguistics (Ancient). MA/MSc degree or its equivalent in Archaeology, Anthropology, History, Comparative Civilizations (Ancient) Comparative Religions,  Languages and Linguistics (Ancient) from HEC recognized university.
4. Economics Micro/Macroeconomics, Econometrics, International/ Public/ Monetary/ Labour/ Development Economics. M.A/MSc/ BS (4 years) degree in Economics or its equivalent from HEC recognized university. (M.A/M.Sc. in Agriculture Economics/Business Economics & Home Economics are not eligible).
5. History Modern South Asian History MA/MSc in History/Pakistan Studies or its equivalent from HEC recognized university.
6. International Relations Theories of International Relations/International Law/Comparative Politics/Global Economy. MA/MSc degree or its equivalent in International Relations, Political Science, Mass Communication, Defence and Strategic Studies, Governance and Public Policy from HEC recognized university. Those engaged in teaching or research in the above disciplines may also apply.
7. Pakistan Studies All fields of Social Sciences relating to Pakistan. MA/MSc/ BS (4 years) degree or its equivalent in Pakistan Studies or any Social Science subject from HEC recognized university.
8. Psychology
  1. Educational/School Psychology;
  2. Industrial/Organizational Psychology;
  3. Developmental Psychopathology/Mental Health Studies;
  4. Gender Psychology.
MA/MSc/BS (4-years) degree or its equivalent in Psychology/Applied Psychology/Behavioral Sciences form HEC recognized university.

Admission Requirement:

  1. The applicants must have to their credit:
    1. First Division in MA/MSc or in BA/BSc or at least 60% marks in BS (Hons) and all other 4-5 years Degrees;
    2. Shall not have obtained third division in BA/BSc or MA or MSc;
    3. In case of 3rd division in FA/FSc, the candidate should have obtained 1st division in both BA/BSc and MA/MSc; or at least 60% marks in BS (Hons) and all other 4-5 years Degrees;
  1. No Objection Certificate from the employer is required to be attached with Admission Form and routed through Proper Channel in case of in-service applicants;
  2. The following are not eligible for admission to MPhil programme:
    1. Those who have been rusticated or expelled from any University or College for misconduct or use of unfair means in the examinations or any offence involving moral turpitude;
    2. Those who were admitted earlier to MPhil programme but later were declared to have been ceased to be students of the University;
    3. Those who are currently on the rolls of this or any other university.
  1. The applicants must provide official certificate showing percentage of marks obtained in MSc/BS Hons/4-5 years programme.

Subject Test:

  1. The admission to MPhil programme shall be made on the basis of cumulative merit to be determined from previous academic record, University written subject test and interview
  2. No separate call letters for test/interview will be issued;
  3. Only the test pass applicants will appear before the interview as per schedule of the department/School/Institute/Centre concerned;
  4. The lists of the pass applicants shall be displayed on the notice boards of the relevant department/school/Institute/Centre;
  5. Click here to view Test sample papers

Written tests shall be held in the respective Departments/School/Institutes/Centres according to the following schedule:

Sr. Disciplines Date Time
1 Environmental Sciences, Animal Sciences, Statistics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biotechnology, Physics, Plant Sciences, Economics, Bioinformatics 18.08.201 (Tue) 0930 hrs
2 Anthropology 18.08.201 (Tue) 1100 hrs
3 History, Psychology 18.08.201 (Tue) 1130 hrs
4 Earth Sciences, Electronics, Biochemistry, American Studies 19.08.2015 (Wed) 0930 hrs
5 Pharmacy, International Relations, 19.08.2015 (Wed) 1130 hrs
6 Microbiology, Asian Studies 20.08.2015 (Thu) 0930 hrs
7 Computer Sciences, Pakistan Studies 20.08.2015 (Thu) 1100 hrs

Note:   If, for any reason, a test date is declared as holiday, the test will be conducted on the next working day.
How to Apply:

1. An applicant seeking admission to MPhil programme shall apply on the prescribed Admission Form. The Admission Forms alongwith prospectus can be obtained from:
a. The QAU Campus branches of Habib Bank Ltd. and/or Askari Bank Ltd. @ Rs.2000/- OR
b. (Click here to download Form) and attach Bank Draft/Pay Order amounting to Rs.2000/- in favour of “Treasurer, Quaid-i-Azam University”;
2. Three copies of the prescribed Admission Form duly filled in and supported by the attested copies of educational testimonials i.e. Certificates and Degrees must be submitted directly to the Director/Chairperson of Department/ School/ Institute/ Centre by 13.08.2015, positively;
3. Incomplete and late applications shall not be entertained;
4. For further details, please visit University website.