Admissions for PhD Programme (Fall Semester-2014) >> Subject Test

1.All applicants of PhD Physics are also required to appear in the written test as per schedule given below in the Department of Physics; however the candidates having a score in GRE (Physics) > 45% percentile would be exempted from Department test in Physics.

2.Written tests/ interview shall be held in the respective Departments/School/Institutes/Centres according to the following schedule:


Mathematics, Microbiology. 25.08.2014 (Mon) 0930 hrs
Economics, Environmental Sciences, Pakistan Studies. 25.08.2014 (Mon) 1130 hrs
Bioinformatics. 25.08.2014 (Mon) 1330 hrs
DSS, Animal Sciences, Statistics. 26.08.2014 (Tue) 0930 hrs
Computer Science. 26.08.2014 (Tue) 1100 hrs
International Relations, Earth Sciences 26.08.2014 (Tue) 1130 hrs
Chemistry, Physics. 27.08.2014 (Wed) 0930 hrs
Anthropology, Pharmacy. 27.08.2014 (Wed) 0930 hrs
Electronics. 27.08.2014 (Wed) 1130 hrs
Asian Studies (TIAC), Psychology, Plant Sciences. 28.08.2014 (Thu) 0930 hrs
American Studies 28.08.2014 (Thu) 1130 hrs

Note: If, for any reason, a test date is declared as holiday, the test will be conducted on the next working day.
3.All applicants of Biotechnology are directed to contact the Department for the date of test/interview.