Name: Dr. Naveed Ahmed
Designation: Assistant Professor
Department: Pharmacy

Qualifications: Ph D (Pharmaceutical Technology) Claude Bernard Lyon1 University, France
MS (Science of Medicines) Blaise Pascal University, France
B.Pharmacy, Pakistan

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Preparation and respective Characterization of Micro/Nanostructures for various Biomedical Applications (Diagnostic, Therapeutics, Cosmetic etc) 


1.       Polysaccharide Chemistry in Drug Delivery, Endocrinology, and Vaccines. Aimen KhalidDr. Asim-ur-RehmanDr. Naveed AhmedIqra ChaudheryDr. Meneerah A. Al-JafaryProf. Ebtesam Abdullah Al-SuhaimiDr. Mohamad TarhiniDr. Noureddine LebazDr. Abdelhamid Elaissari, Chem. Eur. J., 2021. (I.F.= 4.857)


2.       Chitosan-chondroitin based artemether loaded nanoparticles for transdermal drug delivery system. Sumbal Talib, Naveed Ahmed, Dildar Khan, Gul Majid Khan, Asim ur Rehman, J Drug Deliv Sci Technol., 61: 102281., 2021. (I.F.= 2.734)



3.       An efficient approach for development and optimisation of curcumin-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles’ patch for transdermal delivery. Fakhara Sabir, Maimoona Qindeel, Asim Ur Rehman, Nasir Mahmood Ahmad, Gul Majid Khan, Ildiko Csoka, Naveed Ahmed, J. Microencapsul., 38(4): 1-16., 2021. (I.F.= 2.287)


4.       Gd3+ Doped CoFe2O4 Nanoparticles for Targeted Drug Delivery and Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Fatima Javed, Muhammad Asad Abbas, Muhammad Imran Asad, Naveed Ahmed, Nauman Naseer, Hassan Saleem, Abdelhamid Errachid, Noureddine Lebaz, Abdelhamid Elaissari, Nasir M Ahmad, Magnetochemistry, 7(4):47., 2021. (I.F.= 1.947)


5.       Development and Evaluation of a Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Drug-Disease Model of Propranolol for Suggesting Model Informed Dosing in Liver Cirrhosis Patients. Muhammad Nasir Kalam, Muhammad Fawad Rasool, Faleh Alqahtani, Imran Imran, Asim Ur Rehman, Naveed Ahmed, Drug Des. Devel. Ther., 15:1195., 2021. (I.F.= 3.028)



6.       Surfactant-Free, Self-Assembled Nanomicelles-Based Transdermal Hydrogel for Safe and Targeted Delivery of Methotrexate against Rheumatoid Arthritis. Maimoona Qindeel, Dildar Khan, Naveed Ahmed, Salman Khan, Asim ur Rehman, ACS Nano, 2020. (I.F.= 13.90)


7.       Encapsulation of doxorubicin in magnetic‐polymer hybrid colloidal particles of Eudragit E100 and their hyperthermia and drug release studies. Sumera Khizar, Nasir M. Ahmad,  Naveed Ahmed, Sadia Manzoor, Abdelhamid Elaissari, Polym. Adv. Technol., 1-12., 2020 (I.F.= 2.162)


8.       New, Environment Friendly Approach for Synthesis of Amphiphilic PCL–PEG–PCL Triblock Copolymer: An Efficient Carrier for Fabrication of Nanomicelles. Maimoona Qindeel, Naveed Ahmed, Kifayat Ullah Shah, Naseem Ullah, Asim.ur.Rehman,   J Polym Environ., 28:1237–1251., 2020. (I.F.= 2.765)


9.       Development of novel pH-sensitive nanoparticle-based transdermal patch for management of rheumatoid arthritis. Dildar Khan, Maimoona Qindeel, Naveed Ahmed, Ashraf U Khan, Salman Khan, Asim.ur.Rehman, Nanomedicine, 15(6):603-624., 2020. (I.F.= 4.717)


10.   Pattern of antibiotic prophylaxis usage and timing of administration in common paediatric surgeries: a retrospective cross-sectional study in teaching hospitals. Zakir Khan, Naveed Ahmed, Asim ur Rehman, Faiz Ullah Khan, Syed Muhammad Hamid, Drugs & Therapy Perspectives, 36: 26-32., 2020 (I.F.= 0.20)


11.   Enhancement in Site-Specific Delivery of Carvacrol for Potential Treatment of Infected Wounds Using Infection Responsive Nanoparticles Loaded into Dissolving Microneedles: A Proof of Concept Study. Maria Mir, Andi Dian Permana, Naveed Ahmed, Gul Majid Khan, Asim Rehman, Ryan F. Donnelly, Eur J Pharm Biopharm, 147:57-68., 2020. (I.F.= 4.708)


12.   Drug delivery to macrophages: a review of nano-therapeutics targeted approach for inflammatory disorders and cancer. Mahwash Mukhtar, Hussain Ali, Naveed Ahmed, Rashid Munir, Sumbal Talib, Anam S Khan, Rita Ambrus, Expert Opin. Drug Deliv., 17(9):1239-1257., 2020. (I.F.=4.84)


13.   Amphotericin B Loaded Polymeric Nanoparticles for Treatment of Leishmania Infections. Mudassara Saqib, A Shabbir Ali Bhatti, Nasir M Ahmad, Naveed Ahmed, Gul Shahnaz, Noureddine Lebaz, Abdelhamid Elaissari, Nanomaterials, 10(6):1152.,2020. (I.F.= 4.034)


14.   Exploiting Proteases for Cancer Theranostic through Molecular Imaging and Drug Delivery. Tehreem Mumtaz, Maimoona Qindeel, Mohamad Tarhini, Naveed Ahmed, Abdelhamid Elaissari, Int. J. Pharm., 31:119712., 2020. (I.F.= 4.845)


15.   Microneedle liquid injection system assisted delivery of infection responsive nanoparticles: A promising approach for enhanced site-specific delivery of carvacrol against polymicrobial biofilms-infected wounds. Maria Mir, Andi Dian Permana, Ismaiel A Tekko, Helen O McCarthy, Naveed Ahmed, Ryan F Donnelly, Int. J. Pharm., 587:119643., 2020. (I.F.= 4.845)


16.   Preparation and Characterization of Nanostructured Lipid Carriers for Improved Topical Drug Delivery: Evaluation in Cutaneous Leishmaniasis and Vaginal Candidiasis Animal Models. Amina Riaz, Sarah Hendricks, Kimberley Elbrink, Caljon Guy, Louis Maes, Naveed Ahmed, Filip Kiekens, Gul Majid Khan, AAPS PharmSciTech, 21(5):1-4., 2020. (I.F.= 2.451)


17.   Synthesis of diindolylmethane (DIM) bearing thiadiazole derivatives as a potent urease inhibitor. Muhammad Taha, Fazal Rahim, Aftab Ahmad Khan, Naveed Ahmed, Syed Adnan Ali Shah, Mohamed Ibrahim, Zainul Amiruddin Zakari, Scientific reports, 10(1):1-2., 2020. (I.F.= 3.998)


18.   Audit of pre-operative antibiotic prophylaxis usage in elective surgical procedures in two teaching hospitals, Islamabad, Pakistan: An observational cross-sectional study. Zakir Khan, Naveed Ahmed, Asim ur Rehman, Faiz Ullah Khan, Muhammad Saqlain, Maria Auxiliadora Parreiras Martins, Hazir Rahman, PloS one, 15(4): e0231188., 2020. (I.F.= 2.740)


19.   Antimicrobial prophylaxis for adult surgical patients in a Pakistani teaching hospital. Z Khan, N Ahmed, S Zafar, AU Rehman, FU Khan, Y Karataş, H Rahman, Le Pharmacien Hospitalier et Clinicien, 2020. (I.F.= 0.04)


20.   A General Overview of Incidence, Associated Risk Factors, and Treatment Outcomes of Surgical Site Infections. Faiz Ullah Khan, Zakir Khan, Naveed Ahmed, Indian J Surg., 13:1-11., 2020. (I.F.=0.561)


21.   Audit of antibiotic prophylaxis and adherence of surgeons to standard guidelines in common abdominal surgical procedures. Zakir Khan, Naveed Ahmed, Shaista Zafar, Asim ur Rehman, Faiz Ullah Khan , Muhammad Saqlain, Sohail Kamran, Hazir Rahman, East Mediterr Health J., 26., 2020. (I.F.=0.663)


22.   Recent trends, challenges and future outlook of transdermal drug delivery systems for rheumatoid arthritis therapy. Maimoona Qindeel, Muhammad Hameed Ullah, Naveed Ahmed, Asimur Rehman, J. Control. Release., 327: 595-615., 2020. (I.F.= 7.877)


23.   Proniosomes as a carrier system for transdermal delivery of clozapine. Fahad Khan Tareen, Kifayat Ullah Shah, Naveed Ahmad, Asim. ur. Rehman, Shefaat Ullah Shah, Naseem Ullah, Drug Dev. Ind. Pharm., 46(6): 946-954., 2020. (I.F.= 2.365)


24.   Development, optimisation, and evaluation of nanoencapsulated diacerein emulgel for potential use in osteoarthritis. Bazla Siddiqui, Asim Ur Rehman, Ihsan-Ul Haq, Nasir M Ahmad, Naveed Ahmed, J. Microencapsul., 37(8): 595-608., 2020. (I.F.= 2.287)


25.   Recent trends and development in targeted delivery of therapeutics through enzyme responsive intelligent nanoplatform. Sundus Irshad, Bazla Siddiqui, Asim ur. Rehman, Rai Khalid Farooq, Naveed Ahmed, Int. J. Polym. Mater.,1-11., 2020. (I.F.= 1.789)


26.   Chloroform-Injection (CI) and Spontaneous-Phase-Transition (SPT) Are Novel Methods, Simplifying the Fabrication of Liposomes with Versatile Solution to Cholesterol Content and Size Distribution. Muhammad Ijaz Khan Khattak, Naveed Ahmed, Muhammad Farooq Umer, Amina Riaz, Nasir Mehmood Ahmad, Gul Majid Khan, Pharmaceutics, 12(11): 1065., 2020. (I.F.= 4.845)


27.   Occurrence, associated risk factors, and treatment of surgical site infections in Pakistan. Faiz Ullah Khan, Yu Fang, Zakir Khan, Farman Ullah Khan, Zafar Iqbal Malik, Naveed Ahmed, Amir Hayat Khan, Asim ur Rehman, Eur. J. Inflamm., 18: 2058739220960547., 2020. (I.F.= 0.267)



28.   Poncirin attenuates CCL4-induced liver injury through inhibition of oxidative stress and inflammatory cytokines in mice. Hadayat Ullah; Ashrafullah Khan; M Waleed Baig; Naseem Ullah; Naveed Ahmed; Muhammad Khalid Tipu; Hussain Ali and Salman Khan. BMC complement. med. ther. 115 :1-14, 2020.



29.   Practice of prophylactic antibiotic and timing of administration in two common elective surgeries in Pakistan: An audit-based study. Zakir Khan, Naveed Ahmed, Asim.ur. Rehman, Faiz Ullah Khan, Maria Auxiliadora Parreiras Martins, B-FOPCU, 57(1):88-95., 2019. (I.F.= N.A)


30.   Formulation of topical NLCs to target macrophages for cutaneous leishmaniasis. Amina Riaz, Naveed Ahmed, Muhammad Ijaz Khan, Ihsan-ul Haq, Asim ur Rehman, Gul Majid Khan, Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, 54., 2019.  (I.F.= 2.606)


31.   Enhancement in site-specific delivery of carvacrol against Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Induced Skin Infections Using Enzyme Responsive Nanoparticles: A Proof of Concept Study. Maria Mir, Naveed Ahmed, Andi Dian Permanab,  Aoife Maria Rodgers, Ryan F Donnelly, Asim Rehman, Pharmaceutics, 11(11): 606., 2019. (I.F.= 4.708)


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33.   Pattern of Surgical Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Surgical Site Infections in at two Teaching Hospitals, Islamabad, Pakistan. Zakir Khan, Naveed Ahmed, Asim.ur.Rehman, Faiz Ullah Khan, Hazir Rahman, J Microbiol Infect Dis., 09(3): 104-111., 2019  (I.F.= N.A)


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39.   Utilization of Antibiotic Prophylaxis in Three Common Abdominal Surgeries, Adherence to Standard Guidelines and Surgeons’ Perception in Teaching Hospitals, Islamabad, Pakistan. Zakir Khan, Naveed Ahmed, Asim ur Rehman, Faiz ullah Khan, Hazir Rahman, Preprints. 2019. (I.F.=N/A)




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