Name: Dr. Aroosa Kanwal
Designation: Associate Professor
Department: Department of English


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Research Interests Publications Conferences Research Projects

Kanwal, A. Miracle, Marvel or Abomination? Re-conceptualising Djinn, Posthumanism and Islam in the Daevabad Trilogy. “Muslim Women Popular Fiction Network Conference” at Birmingham University, UK. 5-9 September, 2023. 


Invited speaker, Pakistani Speculative Literature: Origins, Horizons, Contestations, Workshop at Iqbal International Institute for Research and Dialogue, 15-17 March, 2023.


Invited speaker, Panel Discussion “Genres in Crisis”, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad. 10 March, 2023.


Co-Investigator and Node Leader Pakistan, Organiser, ‘Pakistan Workshop’, AHRC-Funded multinational Project Muslim Women Popular Genre Network, International Islamic University, Islamabad. 13-14 December, 2022. 


Keynote Address, Frozen Grief: Muslim Geographies of Invisibility and Silence,

Post-Millenial MENAWA Conference, Lancaster University UK. 22 June, 2022.


Invited speaker at Islamabad Literature Festival, 2021 for panel on ‘Mapping Pakistani Anglophone Literary Landscape.” October 2021. 


Kanwal, A. Do Muslim Women Need Saving?: Mardaani Mitris and Pakistani Speculative Fiction. GIFCon 2021, “Glasgow International Fantasy Conversations: Beyond the Anglocentric Fantastic” at Glasgow, UK. April 2021.


Kanwal, A. Palestine Under the Shadow of the Drone. “Aesthetics of Drone Warfare Conference” at the University of Sheffield, UK. January 2020. 


Invited speaker at The Teesside University, UK. “Bodies that don’t Count: Horrorism and Politics of Invisibility in Kashmir.” December 2019. 


Kanwal, A. Bodies that don’t Count: Horrorism and Politics of Invisibility in Kashmir. Open Seminar at The University of Lancaster, UK. November 2019. 


Kanwal, A. No-Bodies: The Spectres of Unjust War in Kashmir. “Postcolonial Studies Association Convention” at The University of Manchester, UK. September 2019. 


Kanwal, A. Challenges of Glocal Restructuring and the Canon Controversy. “Local Cities, Foreign Capitals: Finding the Local Anchor in the Global Cultures” at International Islamic University, Islamabad. October 2017. 


Invited speaker at WISH University, Islamabad. “Pakistani Anglophone Literature: The Making of the Canon.” April 2017. 


Kanwal, A. (2017) Pakistani Literature in English: The Canon Controversy. Literature Carnival, Allama Iqbal Open University. April 2017. 


Invited speaker at Islamabad Literature Festival, 2017 for Muneeza Shamsie’s book Launch, Hybrid Tapestries: The Development of Pakistani Literature in English, April 2017. 


Kanwal, A. (2016) Self- Orientalization or Revival of Faith: The Politics of Sacred and Religious in Aslam’s Fiction. “The New Global City Conference” at University of North Carolina, Wilmington. USA. May 2016. 


Invited speaker at Islamabad Literature Festival, 2016 for panel on ‘Pakistani English Literature: New Books, New Writers, New Directions.’ April 2016. 


Guest speaker for Book Launch Rethinking Identities in Contemporary Pakistani Fiction: Beyond 9/11 at Islamabad Literature Festival. April 2016.


Kanwal, A. (2015) Women of Colour and Media: Images and Reality. Third World Women and Politics of Feminism Conference at Lahore College for Women University, Pakistan. April 2015. 


Kanwal, A. (2013) Deconstructing New Pakistani Literature: Boom or Bust. British Association for South Asian Studies Annual Conference at Leeds University, UK. April 2013.


Kanwal, A. (2011) After 9/11: Islamophobia in Kamila Shamsie’s Broken Verses and Burnt Shadows. BASAS British Association for South Asian Studies Annual Conference at Leeds University, UK.


Kanwal, A. (2011) After 9/11: Trauma, Memory, Melancholia and National Consciousness. 4th International Conference on Consciousness, Theatre, Literature, and the Arts at Lincoln University, UK. May 2011. 


Kanwal, A. (2011) Constructing Cyber-identities: Transnational Diaspora Linkages in Kamila Shamsie’s Kartography.SOAS conference “Travelling Towards Home: Mobilities and Home Making” at London University, UK. June 2011. 


Kanwal, A. (2007) Teaching Integrated Language Skills through Poetry. 23rd International ELT Conference of SPELT at Fatima Jinnah University, Pakistan. 2007.


Seminar Talk at Lancaster University, UK on ‘Lost Home or Regained Paradise: The Diasporic Vision of Homeland in Kamila Shamsie’s Novels’. June 2010.


Seminar Talk at International Islamic University, Islamabad on ‘Pakistani Literature in English’. April 2014. 


Invited speaker at WISH University, Islamabad. ‘Imagining Muslims: Islam and Muslim Identities in Hanif Kureishi’s My Son the Fanatic.’ March 2014. 

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