Name: Dr. Javed Iqbal Saggu
Designation: Professor
Department: Physics

Director (DSA)  18-04-2023-to-Date

Post Doc     University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Ph. D          Tsinghua University Beijing, China

M. Phil       Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, Pak.

M. Sc          Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, Pak.

B. Sc          Punjab University Lahore, Pak.

Phone: +92-51 9064-2112
Status: On Job
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LNT Research Group:

A) Research Interest:
  • Supercapacitors (Energy Storage)
  • Resistive Switching in Random Access Memory (RAM)
  • Solar Cells (Solar Energy Conversion)
  • Semiconductors Physics
B)  PhD Students
  • Sobia Atif
  • Israr Ahmad
  • Maria Rani
  • Asifa Mumtaz
  • Asim Jan
  • Sidra Batool (Visiting)
C)  M.Phil Students    
  • Ahmad Hassan Niazi
  • Oneeb Khattak
  • Qudratullah 
  • Haider Ali
  • Hamza Nawaz
  • Rida
  • Tariq Saeed
D) Equipment:

1. Raman Spectroscopy,
2. Photoluminescence
3.  UV- visible Spectrometer
4.  Photocatalysis Setup
5. Supercapacitor Measurements 
6. Hydraulic Press
7. Box Furnace 
8. Oven
 SCI Publications = 90

 Impact Factor > 350    Citations > 2400    Turnitin Similarity Index < 7 %

1.      M. Saleem, Javed Iqbal, Ahmad Nawazb, Bilal Islamc, IftikharHussain  “Synthesis, characterization and performance evaluation of pristine and cerium doped WO3 nanoparticles for photo-degradation of methylene blue via solar irradiation” Applied Ceramic Society  accepted (2020)

2.      Sobia Jabeen, Javed Iqbal, Aqsa Arshad, M.S.Awan, M. Farooq Warsi(In1-xFex)2O3 nanostructures for photocatalytic degradation of various dyes Materials Chemistry and Physics 243, 122516 (2020).

3.      M. Israr, Javed Iqbal, Aqsa Arshad, Maria Rani, Gómez Romero, R. Benages Graphene triggered enhancement in visible-light active photocatalysis as well as in energy storage capacity of (CFO)1-x(GNPs)x nanocomposites Ceramics International 46 (3), 2630-2639 (2020).

4.      M. Israr, Javed Iqbal, Aqsa Arshad,Samson O.Aisida, Ishaq Ahmad A unique ZnFe2O4/graphene nanoplatelets nanocomposite for electrochemical energy storage and efficient visible light driven catalysis for the degradation of organic noxious  Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 140, 109333 (2020).


5.      H. Noreen; Javed Iqbal, A. Arshad, R.Faryal, A. U Rahman; R. Khattak “Sunlight induced catalytic degradation of bromophenol blue and antibacterial performance of graphene nanoplatelets/polypyrrole nanocomposites” Journal of Solid State Chemistry JSSC-19-43 (2019) [I.F 2.179]

6.      H. Rehman, M. Akram, M. Mustafa Kiyani, T. Yaseen, A. Ghani, Javed IqbalEffect of Endoxylanase and Iron Oxide Nanoparticles on Performance and Histopathological Features in Broilers Biological Trace Element Research 1, 1

7.      Salah Ud Din, M. Sajid, M. Imran, Javed Iqbal, B. A. Shah, M. Azeem ullah One step facile synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial properties of Mg-doped CuO nanostructuresMaterials Research Express 6 (8)

8.      H Khan, Ishaq Ahmad, Ting-Kai Zhao, Farhana Sparis, S S Hussain, Abdoulaye Gamma irradiation-induced phase transitions of boron nitride nanoparticles Materials Research Express 6 (11), 1-6

9.      A. Arshad, Javed Iqbal, Q. Mansoor, “Graphene-Fe3O4 nanocomposite: Solar light driven Fenton like reaction for decontamination of water and inhibition of bacterial growthApplied Surface Science, 474 57-65 (2019) [I.F 4.439]


10.  F. Mehmood, Javed Iqbal, M Ismail, Arshad Mehmood “Ni doped WO3 nanoplates: An excellent photocatalyst and novel nanomaterial for enhanced anticancer activitiesJournal of Alloys and Compounds 746, 729-738 (2018) [I.F 3.779]

11.  A. Arshad, Javed Iqbal, Abid Alam, Bibi Khadija, Rani Faryal Synthesis, characterization, and enhanced dielectric and antimicrobial properties of WxCu1-xO nanostructures  Ceramics International 44, 5894-5900 (2018) [I.F 3.057]

12.   A. Arshad, Javed Iqbal, I. Ahmad Graphene/Fe3O4 nanocomposite: interplay between photo-Fenton type reaction, and carbon purity for the removal of methyl orangeCeramic International 44, 2643-2648 (2018) [I.F 3.057]

13.  M. Sajid, M. Imran, Salahuddin, Javed Iqbal “Tailoring structural, surface, optical, and dielectric properties of CuO nanosheets for applications inhigh-frequency devices” Applied Physics A 124, 768 (2018) [I.F 1.604]

14.  I. Ahmad, A. F. Khan, A. Shah, H. Tabassum, A. Diallo, Javed Iqbal, F. I. Ezema, M. Malik“Gamma irradiation-Induced chemical decomposition related bandgap engineering in SnO2 nanoparticles” Surface Review and Letters, 1850228 (2018) [I.F 0.734]

15.  S. Khan, N. Ahmad, A. Safeer, Javed Iqbal Compositional dependent morphology, structural and magnetic properties of Fe100−XCuX alloy nanowires via electrodeposition in AAO templates  Applied Physics A, 124,678 (2018) [I.F 1.604]

16.  S. Khan, N. Ahmad, N. Ahmed, A. Safeer, Javed Iqbal, X. F.Han “Structural, magnetic and transport properties of Fe-based full Heusler alloy Fe2CoSn nanowires prepared by template-based electrodeposition” Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 465, 462-470 (2018) [I.F 3.046]


17.  F. Mehmood, Javed Iqbal, T. Jan, Q. Mansoor Structural, Raman and photoluminescence properties of Fe doped WO3 nanoplates with anticancer and visible light driven photocatalytic activities Journal of Alloys and Compounds 728, 1329-1337 (2017) [I.F 3.779]

18.  F. Mehmood, Javed Iqbal, T. Jan, A. Gul, Q. Mansoor, R. Faryal “Structural, photoluminescence, electrical, anti cancer and visible light driven photocatalytic characteristics of Co doped WO3 nanoplates” Vibrational Spectroscopy  93, 78-89  (2017) [I.F 1.363]

19.  N. Ahmad, S. Khan, W. J. Li, M. Saddique, S. A. Shah, Javed Iqbal, A.Majid, X. F. Han “Potential dependent Tuning of magnetic and structural properties of electrodeposited NiZn nanowires in Al2O3 templates” Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 441, 696-701 (2017) [I.F 3.046]

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21.  A. Arshad, Javed Iqbal, Q. Mansoor NiO-nanoflakes grafted graphene: an excellent photocatalyst and novel nanomaterial for complete pathogen control Nanoscale 9, 16321-16328 (2017) [I.F 7.233]

22.  K. Ali, T. Jan, Javed Iqbal, I. Ahmad, D. Y. Wan, S. Z. Ilyas Structural, Magnetic and Electromagnetic Wave Absorption Properties of WO3-CuFe2O4: A Novel Nanocomposite Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics  28, 10330-10337 (2017) [I.F 2.324]

23.  K. Ali, Javed Iqbal, T. Jan, Ishaq Ahmad, Dongyun Wan, Ijaz Ahmad Influence of NiO concentration on Structural, Dielectric and Magnetic properties of Core/Shell CuFe2O4/NiO nanocomposites Materials Chemistry and Physics  195, 283 (2017) [I.F 2.210]

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27.  N. Ahmad, Y. U. Tian, S. Khan, A. Majid, Javed Iqbal, S. A. Shah, S. S. Awan, X. F. HanFerromagnetic Relaxation and Magnetic Properties of Co40Fe40B20 Thin FilmsJournal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism 30, 469-473 (2017) [I.F 1.142]

28.  A . Arshad, Javed Iqbal, M. Siddiq, Q. Mansoor, M Ismail, F. Mehmood, M.  Ajmal

Graphene nanoplatelets induced tailoring in photocatalytic activity and antibacterial characteristics of MgO/graphene nanoplatelets nanocompositesJournal of Applied Physics 121 (2), 024901 (2017) [I.F 2.176]

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13.       Ist ational Conference on Emerging Trends in Materials Science Oct 5-7, 2017 as Invited Speaker Abbottabad University of Science & Technology, Abbotabad, Pakistan

14. 3nd International Conference on Energy and Environment June 2018 as Orginizer AIOU, Islamabad, Pak

15. 4th International Conference on Energy and Environment March 2019 as Orginizer AIOU, Islamabad, Pak

16.     International Workshop on   Magnetic Materails NUST  December 2019 NUST

Principal Investigator: 03

HEC- NRPU PKR: 15.50 Millions "Synthesis & Characterization of Graphene Based Nanocomposites: Their Applications" (Completed)

2.  HEC- IPFP PKR: 0.50 Millions "Synthesis, Characterization & Applications of Metal Oxides Nanostructures" (Completed)

HEC- IPFP PKR: 0.50 Millions "Electrical & Optical Characterization of Photovoltaic devices" (Completed)

Co-principal Investigator: 01

4. HEC- IPFP PKR: 0.50 Millions "Fabrication of Nanocylinders & Spintronics Materials for Various Applications (Completed)

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