Name: Mr. Usman Yousaf
Designation: Lecturer
Department: Quaid-i-Azam School of Management Sciences

Qualifications: M.Phil, MBA, BBA (Hons)

Phone: +92-51
Status: On Leave
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Mr. Usman Yousaf joined Quaid-i-Azam School of Management Sciences on 22/02/2012. His research interests are
 Green Marketing, Sustainability Research, Pro-Environmental Consumer Behavior.

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1.             Naeem, U., Yousaf, U., Shamim, A. and Shahid, H.“Consumer Attitudes towards Green Products; A Study of Pakistani Consumers”, Foundation University Business Research Conference, Rawalpindi, 14th March, 2015


2.             Yousaf, U.,Adil, R. andShamim, A.“Studying the Influence of Firm’s Ethical Behavior on Consumer’s Purchase Decisions”, Foundation University Business Research Conference, Rawalpindi, 14th March, 2015


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6.         Yousaf, U., Ilyas, H., and Bhatti, A. M., “Purchases of Fair & Lovely in Pakistan & the impact of Country of Origin on its consumers’ purchase intentions”, 4th ABRC, International Islamic University, Islamabad, 28th and 29th October, 2011.


7.         Yousaf, U., and Babar, A., Service Quality in Higher Education; A Quantitative Analysis of Student’s Perceptions in A Business School”, 3rd ABRC, International Islamic University, Islamabad, November, 2010

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