Name: Dr. Ali Raza
Designation: Assistant Professor
Department: Quaid-i-Azam School of Management Sciences

Qualifications: Ph.D (Marketing)
IAE-Graduate School of Management,
Aix-Marseille University, France.

Phone: +92-51 9064-4313
Status: On Job
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Research Interests Publications Conferences Research Projects

  • Digital Marketing
  • Service Marketing
  • Hospitality Management

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-Junaid, M., Raza, A., & Goudarzi, K. (2018). “Customer Education in Service Organization: A Proposed Framework to Enhance Customer Experience”. 21st Excellence in Services International Conference, 30-31 August, 2018, Paris.

-Raza A. (2017) “Alignment and Misalignment of Frontline Employee (FLE) with Brand: A Customer Perspective in Service Sector”, Service Research Publishing Workshop 14-15 September, 2017, IAE-Lyon, France.

-Raza A. (2016). “What It Means to be Aligned with Brand Positioning for Frontline Employees”. 14th International Research Conference in Service Management La Londe les Maures, France, May 31-June 3, 2016.

-Raza A. and Goudarzi K. (2016)Aligning Frontline Employees (FLE’s) with the Brand Positioning: An Exploratory Research to Investigate its Meaning, Antecedents and Consequences”. 32nd Congrès Annuel de l’Association Française du Marketing Lyon, France 18-20 May, 2016.

Funding Program: HEC-National Research Program for Universities (NRPU)

Title: Sustainable Tourism, Economic Performance, and Social Development: Addressing Key Facets of U.N. Sustainable Development Goals in Tourism Industry of Pakistan. (Duration: 24 Months)

Amount: Four Million One Hundred Seventeen Thousand Rupees 

Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, 45320, Pakistan.
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