Name: Dr. Muhammad Nadeem Mirza
Designation: Associate Professor
Department: School of Politics and International Relations

Qualifications: PhD in International Relations and Political Science (EDSJP - Univesité Toulouse 1, France)
MS-Research in Geopolitics and International Relations (IEP Toulouse, France)
MSc in International Relations (QAU Islamabad)

Phone: +92-51 9064-2252
Status: On Job
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Research Interests Publications Conferences Research Projects

US Foreign Policy

Comparative Politics

Foreign Policy Analysis

Advanced Techniques in Research Methods


(with Dr Farhan Hanif Siddiqi) Introducing International Relations: Concepts, Theories, Practices (Oxford University Press: 2023).

Research Articles
"Ethnic Mobilization and National Integration: Dissecting the Contours of Saraiki Province Movement in Pakistan", International Area Studies Review, 26 (04), December 2023. Ethnic mobilization and national integration: Dissecting the contours of Saraiki province movement in Pakistan - Nayab Fatima, Muhammad Nadeem Mirza, 2023 (

"Structural Sources of Sino-Russian Distrust", Trames, 27 (04), November 2023, pp. 351-368. TRAMES-4-2023-351-368_20231105224207.pdf (

"Cooperation on Non-Traditional Security: India, Pakistan, and the Locust Attack", India Quarterly, 79 (03), September 2023. Cooperation on Non-Traditional Security: India–Pakistan and the Locust Attack - Yaseen Mahsood, Muhammad Nadeem Mirza, 2023 (

Ethnic Identity and Demand for New Provinces in Pakistan: Results from a Survey Data in Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa", Pakistan Journal of History and Culture, 43 (01), Feb 2023, pp. 1-18. 1-Farhan-Siddiqi.pdf (

"Securitising and Desecuritising Water Scarcity in Pakistan: A Case Study of the Diamer Basha Dam", Water Policy, 25 (01), Jan 2023, pp. 1-14. Securitising and de-securitising water scarcity in Pakistan: a case study of the Diamer Basha Dam | Water Policy | IWA Publishing (

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