Name: Dr. Syed Hassan Raza
Designation: Assistant Professor
Department: School of Economics


PhD. In Economics and Finance (2015-2019) from City University of Hong Kong. 

Supervisor: Dr. Yu Zheng

Dissertation Title: Three Essays on Development Economics 

Phone: +92-51 9064-3229
Status: On Job
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I am an Assistant Professor at the School of Economics (SoE) at Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU). I received my PhD in Economics and Finance from the City University of Hong Kong. I have also worked as Visiting Researcher at European University Institute (EUI), Florence, Italy.  Before joining QAU, I have served as Assistant Professor at National University of Science and Technology (NUST, Pakistan) and Lecturer at Chinese University of Hong Kong

I am an empirical economist and my research interests are in the fields of Health and Development Economics. Under health economics, my work centres around healthy ageing, later life outcomes, and economic/psychological consequences of health shocks and evaluation of health policy interventions.  My work in development economics focuses on how the creative use of applied econometric methods can help policy makers respond to challenges, such as educational attainment and domestic violence, when dealing with data limitations in developing country contexts.  

1. “How Far the Apple Falls from the Tree: Intergenerational Transmission of Educational Attainment in Indonesia” with Ugur Aytun (Kutayha Dumlupinar University) in the International Journal of Educational Development (2021, Impact Factor 1.74, SSCI Indexed).

2. “Effects of meteorological factors on the COVID-19 cases: a case study related to three major cities of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” with Tahir Mahmood (KFUPM, Saudi Arabia), Anam Iqbal (GGCW, Pakistan) and Wajiha Haq (NUST, Pakistan) in Environmental Science and Pollution Research (2021, Impact Factor 4.22, SCI Indexed).

3. “Economic Consequences of Hospitalizations in Older Workers across Countries” with Yu Zheng (Queen Mary University of London) and   Corina Mommaerts (University of Wisconsin Madison) in the Journal of the Economics of Ageing (2020, Impact Factor 1.94, SSCI Indexed).

4. “The Pandemic Paradox: Is She Safe at Home?” with Tahir Mahmood (City University of Hong Kong) and Wajiha Haq (NUST, Pakistan) in PeerJ (2020, Impact Factor 2.98, SCI Indexed).

5. “Trade, Infrastructure and Geography: An Application of Gravity Model on Asian Economies” with Zahid Hussain (UIBE, China) and Waseem Abbas (UIBE, China) in the International Journal of Transport Economics (2020, Impact Factor 0.39, SCI indexed).

6. “COVID-19: A Psychosocial Perspective” with Muhammad Sajad (City University of Hong Kong) and Wajiha Haq (NUST, Pakistan) in Frontiers in Psychology- section “health psychology” (2020, Impact Factor 2.99, SCI Indexed).

7. “Cohort risk sharing in Pakistan: Relative wage and consumption movements over time” in the Journal of Applied Economics and Business Studies (2020, HEC Pakistan- X category Journal).

8. “Missed takes towards a pandemic of COVID-19? A systematic literature review of coronavirus related diseases in Pakistan” with Wajiha Haq (NUST, Pakistan) in the Journal of infection in developing countries (2020, Impact Factor 0.97, SCI indexed).

9. “English or German or Both: Recipes for Developing Countries” with Bilal Mehmood (2014, GCU, Pakistan) in Public Finance Quarterly (ESCI Indexed).

1. “Covid-19 and Lockdown: Socio-Psychological Effects in Pakistan” in “The 3rd International Electronic Conference on Environmental Research and Public Health.” By MDPI in 2021.

2. “Consumption Smoothing in Pakistan: Dynamics of Risk and insurance” in “The Seventh International Conference in Economics- Lisbon, Portugal in 2018.”

3."Economic Consequences of Hospitalizations in Older Workers across Countries” in 9th Annual APRU Research Conference on Population Aging-HKUST, Hong Kong in 2019.

4. “Technical Efficiency Analysis of Punjab Police: An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis” in “6th South Asian International Conference-Islamabad, Pakistan in 2014.”

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