Name: Dr. Naveed Kausar Janjua
Designation: Associate Professor
Department: Chemistry

Qualifications: Ph.D. Physical Chemistry

Post-Doc in Fuel Cell Research

Phone: +92-51 9064-2146
Status: On Job
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Research Interests Publications Conferences Research Projects

1.                   Fuel cell research in SOFCs, PEMFCs

2.                   Material characterization for SOFCs and fuel cell development.

3.                   Designing simple routes for synthesis of electroactive nanomaterials for electrodes.

4.                   Functional nanomaterials like metal oxides and gold nanoparticles and electrochemical applications.

List of publications (Total = 38)

Impact Factor =  ~88 as on 10-2018    * = corresponding author

 Publications during 2019


1. Synthesis, characterization, docking and electrochemical studies of nitroaromatic amides, Asifa Nigar, Muhammad Shabbir, Zareen Akhter, Sana Sabahat, M. Qaiser Fatmi, Michael Bolte, Iqbal Ahmad, Naveed Kausar Janjua, Sadia Mehmood, Journal of Molecular Structure. doi: 10.1016/j.molstruc.2018.09.024.  Journal of Molecular Structure, 1176 (2019) 791-797.                IF = 1.71

2. Ferrocene Derivatives: Potential Material for Anticancer Drugs, Asifa Nigar, Naveed Kausar janjua, Asghari Gul, Abid Ali, Zareen Akhter*, Sadia Mehmood, Journal of Chemical Society of Pakistan, 41 (3) (2019) 1046. No. JCSP-081117-11691.                                                                    IF = 0.280

Publications during 2018

3.  Ferrocene‑functionalized gold nanoparticles: Study of a simple synthesis method and their electrochemical behavior, Sana Sabahat, Naveed Kausar Janjua, Zareen Akhter, Muhammad Umair Hassan, Accepted and online Chemical Papers (2018)                              IF = 0.963

4. Removal of metal ions using metal-flavonoid-DNA, adduct protocol, Erum Jabeen, Naveed Kausar Janjua*, Safeer Ahmed*, Accepted and online Journal of Saudi Chemical Society (2018) IF = 2.456

5. Effect of lanthanum and hydrogen peroxide on the thermal and microstructural properties of NiO-Ce0.8Sm0.2O1.9 composite, M. Naveed Akbar, Mustafa Anwar, Zuhair S. Khan, Naveed K. Janjua, Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society, 54 (2018) 191–197.                                   IF = 0.587

Publications during 2017

6.  A selective and sensitive monitoring of the OH radical using flavonoid-modified electrodes Erum Jabeen, Naveed Kausar Janjua*, Safeer Ahmed, Enrique Domínguez-álvarez*, Claus Jacob*, Electrochimica Acta 258 (2017) 228–235.                IF = 4.798

7. DFT prediction s, synthesis, stoichiometric structures and anti-diabetic activity of Cu (II) and Fe (III) complexes of quercetin, morin, and primuletin, Erum Jabeen, Naveed Kausar Janjua*, Safeer Ahmed, Iram Murtaza, Tahir Ali, Nosheen Masood, Gulam Murtaza Aysha, Sarfraz Rizvi, Journal of Molecular Structure, 1150 (2017) 459-468.        IF = 1.71

8. Radical scavenging propensity of Cu2 +, Fe3 + complexes of flavonoids and in-vivo radical scavenging by Fe3 +-primuletin, Erum Jabeen, Naveed Kausar Janjua*, Safeer Ahmed, Iram Murtaza, Tahir Ali, Shahid Hameed, Spectrochimica Acta Part A: 171 (2017) 432-438. Doi:10.1016/j.saa.2016.08.035, Elsevier               IF = 2.536

9.  Fabrication of CoIrx/γ-Al2O3 modified electrode and use in electrochemical oxidation of hydrazine, Naveed Kausar Janjua, Naveeda Firdous, Functional Nanostructures Proceedings, No.32, vol. 1, Issue 2 (2017) pages 1-3, 4th NANOENERGY Conference, 26-28 July 2017 (Helsinki, Finland).

                                                                            Publications during 2016                        

10.      Electrochemical study of natural gas fueled electrodes for low temperature solid oxide fuel cell, M. Jafar Hussain, Rizwan Raza, Mukhtar Ahmad, Akbar Ali, Imran Ahmad, Waqar A. A. Syed, Naveed Kausar Janjua, M. Anis-ur-Rehman, M. Ajmal Khan, Shaukat A. Shahid, and Ghazanfar Abbas, International Journal of Modern Physics B, 30 (2016) No. 23 (doi: 10.1142/S0217979216501617)        IF = 0.850

11.    Study on thermal, spectroscopic and electrochemical behavior of some ferrocene-containing organometallic polyesteramides and their siloxane-based block copolymers, Muhammad Saif Ullah Khan, Naveed Kausar Janjua, Sana Sabahat, Zareen Akhter*, Mohibullah, Journal of Polymer Research. 23 (2016) 112. DOI 10.1007/s10965-016-1003-8                                  IF = 1.615

12.     LiNiFe-based layered structure oxide and composite for advanced single layer fuel cells, Bin Zhu*, Liangdong Fan*, Hui Deng, Yunjune He, Muhammad Afzal, Wenjing Dong, Azra Yaqub, Naveed K. Janjua*, Journal of Power Sources 316 (2016) 37-43,                                                 IF = 6.945

13.    AuCu@Pt Nanoalloys for Catalytic Application in Reduction of 4-Nitrophenol, Sadia Mehmood, Naveed Kausar Janjua*, Farhat Saira and Hicham Fenniri, Journal of Spectroscopy, Volume 2016 (2016), Article ID 6210794, 8 pages, Hindawi        IF = 0.761

14.    Optimal Co-Ir bimetallic catalysts supported on γ-Al2O3 for hydrogen generation from hydrous hydrazine, Naveeda Firdous, Naveed Kausar Janjua*, Ibrahim Qazi, Muhammad Hamid Sarwar Wattoo. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 4 (1 (2016) 984-995. Doi:10.1016/j.ijhydene.2015.10.084. Elsevier                                                                             IF = 3.582

15.     Electrochemical sensing platform based on CuO@CeO2 hybrid oxides, Ayesha Mujtaba, Naveed K. Janjua*, doi:10.1016/j.jelechem.2015.12.050, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 763 (2016) 125–133 Elsevier                                                                                                                                    IF = 3.012

16.     All in One Multifunctional Perovskite Material for Next Generation SOFC, Wenjing Dong, Azra Yaqub, Naveed K. Janjua, Rizwan Raza, Muhammad Afzal, Bin Zhu*, Electrochimica Acta, 193 (2016) 225–230, Elsevier,                 IF = 4.798

Publications during 2015

17.     Synthesis and characterization of B-site doped La0.20Sr0.25Ca0.45TiO3 as SOFC anode materials, Azra Yaqub, Naveed K. Janjua*, Cristian Savaniu, John T. S. Irvine,, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 40 (2015) 760766. Elsevier       IF = 3.582

18.     Fabrication and electrocatalytic application of CuO@Al2O3 hybrids, Ayesha Mujtaba, Naveed K. Janjua*, doi: 10.1149/2.0351506jes, Journal of Electrochemical Society, 162(6) (2015) H328-H337 (2015). (USA)                                                      IF=2.760

19.     Electrochemical Properties of Barium Cerate Doped with Zinc for Methanol Oxidation Naveed K. Janjua*, Mahwish Jabeen, Mehrosh Islam, Azra Yaqub, Sana Sabahat, Sadia Mehmood, Misbah Mumtaz, Ayesha Mujtaba, Rizwan Raza, Ghazanfer Abbas, Journal of Chemical Society of Pakistan, 37 (05) (2015) 850-858. ISSN: 0253–5106.             IF = 0.280

Publications during 2014

20.     Preparation and catalytic evaluation of Ir and Ru catalysts supported in γ-Al2O3 for hydrazine Naveed K. Janjua*, Naveeda Firdous, Arshad Saleem Bhatti, Zuhair S. Khan, Applied Catalysis A: General,, Applied Catalysis A: General 479 (2014) 9–16. Elsevier                      IF = 4.339

21.     β-Cyclodextrin assisted solubilization of Cu and Cr complexes of flavonoids in aqueous medium: A DNA-interaction study, Erum Jabeen, Naveed Kausar Janjua*, Shahid Hameed, Spectrochimica Acta Part A: 128 (2014) 191–196. Doi: 10.1016/j.saa.2014.02.132, Elsevier                                 IF = 2.536

22.    Microwave assisted non–aqueous sol-gel synthesis of LiNiPO4 and its copper doped analogues Misbah Mumtaz, Naveed Kausar Janjua*, Azra Yaqub, Sana Sabahat, Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, doi: 10.1007/s10971-014-3423-4 72, Issue 1, (2014) 5662. Springer              IF = 1.575

 23.     Cyclic Voltammetric Investigation of Interactions between Bisnitroaromatic Compounds and ds.DNA, Naveed Kausar Janjua*, Zareen Akhter, Fariya Jabeen, and Bushra Iftikhar, Journal of the Korean Chemical Society, 58 (2) (2014) 153–159. Republic of Korea, IF = 0.179

 24.     Electrocatalytic activity of LiNiPO4 and the copper doped analogues towards oxygen reduction, N. Kausar Janjua*, M. Mumtaz, A. Yaqub, S. Sabahat, A. Mujtaba The Nucleus 51, 1 (2014) 109–115. NCLE AM,         ISSN 0029- 5698                                                                                         Publications during 2013

25.  Preparation via a solution method of La0.20Sr0.25Ca0.45TiO3 and its characterization for anode supported solid oxide fuel cells, Azra Yaqub, Cristian Savaniu, Naveed K. Janjua, John T.S. Irvine*, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 1 (2013) 14189–14197. RSC / ISSN:2050-7488, DOI:10.1039/c3ta12860a.              IF = 8.867

26.  Spin Trapping Radicals from Lipid Oxidation in Liposomes in the Presence of Flavonoids, Nasima Arshad*, Naveed K. Janjua, Leif H. Skibsted, Mogens L. Andersen, Journal of Chemical Society of Pakistan, 35, No.2, (2013) 544. ISSN: 0253–5106.                                                                   IF = 0.280

Publications during 2012

27.    Synthesis, physicochemical studies and potential applications of high-molecular weight ferrocene-based poly(azomethine)ester and its soluble terpolymers, Asghari Gul, Zareen Akhter*, Arshad Bhatti, Muhammad Siddiq, Abbas Khan, Humaira M. Siddiqe, Naveed Kauser Janjua, Amber Shaheen, Sehrish Sarfraz, Bushra Mirza, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 719 (2012) 41–53. DOI:10.1016/j.jorganchem.2012.08.010 Elsevier               IF = 2.184

28.    Electrochemical studies of interactional mechanism and scavenging activity of antioxidants towards dinitroaromatics, Nasima Arshad*, Naveed K. Janjua, Athar Y. Khan, Javeed H. Zaidi, Leif H. Skibsted, Monatshefte für Chemie / Chemical Monthly, 143 (2012) 377–383. DOI:10.1007/s00706-011-0606-3. Springer-Verlag                                                                                IF = 1.282

29.    Natural Flavonoids Interact with Dinitrobenzene System in Aprotic Media: An Electrochemical Probing, Nasima Arshad, Naveed K. Janjua*, Athar Y. Khan, Azra Yaqub, Torsten Burkholz and Claus Jacob, Natural Product Communications, Vol. 7 (3) (2012) 311–315. (USA)    IF = 0.884

Publications during 2011

30.    Electrochemical fabrication of self assembled monolayer using ferrocene-functionalized gold nanoparticles on glassy carbon electrode, Sana Sabahat, Naveed Kausar Janjua*, Mathias Brust, Zareen Akhter, Elsevier Electrochimica Acta, 56 (20) (2011) 7092–7096, doi:10.1016/j.electacta.2011.05.10.                                                   IF = 4.798

31.    Flavonoid-DNA binding studies and thermodynamic parameters, Naveed Kausar Janjua*, Amber Shaheen, Azra Yaqub, Fouzia Perveen, Sana Sabahat, Misbah Mumtaz, Claus Jacob, Lalla Aicha Ba, Hamdoon A. Mohammed, Spectrochimica Acta Part A, Elsevier. 79 (5), (2011) 1600–1604, doi:10.1016/j.saa.2011.05.018. Elsevier                                          IF = 2.536

32.    Synthesis, structure and DNA binding studies of 1,4-bis((4-nitrophenoxy)methyl)benzene and its reduction derivative, Ali Haider, Zareen Akhter*, Fariya Jabeen, Naveed Kausar Janjua, Michael Bolte, Elsevier Journal of Molecular Structure, 994 (1-3) (2011) 242–247. doi:10.1016/j.molstruc.2011.03.026 Elsevier.                                  IF = 1.71

Publications during 2009

33.    Spectrophotometric studies of flavonoid-DNA interaction. Naveed Kausar Janjua*, Asima Siddiqa, Azra Yaqub, Sana Sabahat,. Rumana Qureshi, Sayed ul Haque. Spectrochimica Acta Part A, 74 (2009) 1135–1137. doi:10.1016/j.saa.2009.09.022 Elsevier.     IF = 2.536

34.    Electrochemical investigations of antioxidant interactions with radical anion and dianion of 1,3-dinitrobenzene, Nasima Arshad, Naveed Kausar Janjua*, Safeer Ahmed, Ather Y Khan, Leif H Skibsted. Electrochimica Acta, 54 (2009) 6184–6189. doi:10.1016/j.electacta.2009.05.087. Elsevier.  IF = 4.798

35.    Solvent-oriented 1H-NMR chemical shifts of pyridinium iodide and application of Buckingham equation, N. Kausar Janjua*, R. Qureshi, S. Ahmed, A. Yaseen Khan, M. Muhammad, M. Sadiq Subhani, R. Iqbal, Journal of Molecular Structure, 919 (2009) 321–324. Doi:10.1016/j.molstruc.2008.09.026. Elsevier.                                                                IF = 1.71

Publications during 2008

36.    Electrochemical and spectroscopic investigations of protonated ferrocene-DNA intercalation, Afzal Shah, Rumana Qureshi*, Naveed Kausar Janjua, Saeed-ul-Haq, and Safeer Ahmad, 24th Nov. 11 (2008) 1437–1441, Journal of Analytical Sciences, Chem. Soc. Japan. Doi:     IF = 1.174

37. Charge transfer complexes of picolines with σ- and π- acceptors, H. Razzaq, R. Qureshi*, Naveed K Janjua, Farhat Saira, Samia Saleemi, Spectrochimica Acta Part A, 70, (2008) 10341040. doi:10.1016/j.saa.2007.10.030 Elsevier.

IF = 2.536

Publications during 1992

  1. Surface tension measurements of binary mixtures of glycerol with organic co-solvents, M.J. Iqbal*, M.A. Rauf, Naveed Ijaz, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 37 (1992) 45–47, JACS (USA). DOI: 10.1021/je00005a015      IF = 2.323

Conferences/ Seminars/ Workshops

(a) Attended in Pakistan



Place and Organizer

28-30th October 1999

10th National Chemistry Conference,(CSP). Oral Talk on “Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of PyI and Application of Buckingham Equation (Proton Chemical Shifts of Charge Transfer Complex, Pyridinium Iodide in Binary Mixtures of Chloroform + Dichloromethane).

Department of Chemistry

Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad

24-26th July 2001

Teacher Training Programme,

Oral Talk on Chemical Kinetics.

F.G. College for  Women, G-10/4, Islamabad, F.D.E

17-29th April 2006

Teacher Training Programme,

Oral Talk and Practical Demonstration in Electrochemistry

F.G. College for  Women, F-7/2, Islamabad, F.D.E.

6-11th Sep. 2009

19th National Chemistry Conference. Synthesis and Characterization of TiO2 contained Conducting nanocomposites. S. Ahmad*, M. Javed & N.K. Janjua.

Bara gali Campus, Abbottabad.

15-17th May, 2009

Coordinated 1st  Chemistry Alumni Meeting

and Seminar on “Frontiers of Chemistry”

Department of Chemistry

Quaid-i-Azam University

Islamabad, Pakistan

15-17th Feb.


8th Intarnational & 20th National Chemistry Conference

Paper by Nasima Arshad*, Naveed K. Janjua, Leif H. Skibsted, Mogens L. Andersen & Charlotte U. Carlsen.PTC-16 (SL).

Department of Chemistry

Quaid-i-Azam University

Islamabad, Pakistan

5-17th Feb.


8th Intarnational & 20th National Chemistry Conference

Paper by Sana Sabahat*, Naveed K. Janjua, Z. Akhter & Mathias Brust. M-21 (SL)

Department of Chemistry

Quaid-i-Azam University

Islamabad, Pakistan

15-17th Feb.


8th Intarnational & 20th National Chemistry Conference

Paper by Fouzia Perveen *, R. Qureshi, Naveed K. Janjua, S. Ahmad, et. al. PTC-18 (SL)

Department of Chemistry

Quaid-i-Azam University

Islamabad, Pakistan

25th Feb, 2010

4th National Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights and its Role in Economic Growth organized by GoP, Patent Advisory Cell, PCSIR, Karachi

PCSIR, Islamabad

27-29th May, 2011

Workshop on Molecular Modeling in Chemistry and Beyond

Department of Chemistry

Quaid-i-Azam University

Islamabad, Pakistan

19th December, 2012

Pakistan Industry academia Relations Association, PIARA

Islamabad Club, Pakistan

30th April 2013

Talk: Use of B site doped spinels for the Li Ion batteries.

Misbah Mumtaz, Naveed Kausar Janjua

National seminar on Energy Materials 2013

Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology, University of the Punjab, New Campus, Lahore. Pakistan

2-30th May 2013

Recent Trends in Computational Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

Quaid-i-Azam University

Islamabad, Pakistan

22-24th August 2013

Talk: BCZYZ-based Proton Conducting Electrolyte for SOFCs

Naveed Kausar Janjua

International Conference on Emerging Materials 2013 NUST H 12 Islamabad

22-24th August 2013

Talk: Spinels chemistry use in Li ion batteries

Misbah Mumtaz,  Naveed Kausar Janjua

International Conference on Emerging Materials 2013 NUST H 12 Islamabad

22-24 August 2013

Poster: Synthesis and characterization of lithium metal phosphate for electrochemical devices.

Misbah Mumtaz, Naveed Kausar Janjua.

Poster got 2nd Prize in all

International Conference on Emerging Materials 2013

NUST H 12 Islamabad

4th Nov 2013

Talk: Use of lithium rich and poor phase in Li ion batteries, Misbah Mumtaz*,  Naveed Kausar Janjua

5th Chemistry Conference 2013 on “Chemistry in life Sciences” PINSTECH

Nilore Islamabad

18-20 March 2014

Talk: Electrochemical Properties of Barium Cerate Tuned with Zinc

Naveed Kausar Janjua*, Mahwish Jabeen,  Sana Sabahat


18-20 March 2014

Talk: Synthesis and Processing of La0.20Sr0.25Ca0.45TiO3 as SOFC Anode Material

*Azra Yaqub, Naveed K. Janjua, Cristian Savaniu, John T.S. Irvine,


18-20 March 2014

Poster:Improved electrical properties via copper doping in LINIPO4 crystal lattice using Microwave heating

Misbah Mumtaz*, Naveed Kausar Janjua, Azra Yaqub

Poster got 1st Prize in all



(b) Attended Outside Pakistan



Place & Organizer


July 2007

Talk: Low Cost Synthesis of  NiFe2O4 Nanoparticles, International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technology (ICMAT-07) Symposium-P

Suntec Centre, Singapore, Material Research Society of Singapore

23-25th June, 2008

Chemical Lab Safety and Security Workshop

Bangkok, Thailand, Scandia Labs. US State Department

19th Dec 2011

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Solid State Chemistry Group Christmas Meeting, Poster

Misbah Mumtaz*, Naveed Kausar Janjua, Paul Cornnor, John TS Irvine

University of Liverpool UK

19th Dec 2011

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Solid State Chemistry Group Christmas Meeting, Poster By Azra Yaqub*, Cristian Savaniu, Naveed K. Janjua and John T.S. Irvine

University of Liverpool UK


Lab safety and security workshops, academic paper writing seminars, lectures from international academia and industry figures in School of Chemistry

University of St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom

17-21 March, 2013

Talk: Electrochemical Quantification of Water Soluble Ferrocene Modified Gold Nanoparticles onto Electrode Surface.

12th Topical Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry, ISE, BES

Sana Sabahat*, Zareen Akhter, Mathias Brust,

Naveed Kausar Janjua

Bochum, Germany

Project Title

Principal/Co-Principal Investigator

Amount (Rs.)

Sponsoring Agency


1.      Synthesis and characterization of electroactive materials with emphasis on nanoscale synthetic routes.





2.      Study of the effect of various chelating agents on synthesis, structural and electrochemical properties of LiMO2 (M = Co, Ni, Mn, etc.).





3.      Spectrophotometric and electrochemical studies of flavonoid-DNA interactions.





4.      Synthesis and Characterization of olivine type (LiNiPO4) and doped analogues.





5.      Investigation of interactions of gold nanoparticles with ds.DNA





6.      Metal complexation of flavonoids: Spectroscopic and electrochemical studies towards drug development


3.6419 M


Three years


7.      Synthesis and characterization of CuO coated materials for catalytic applications.





8.      Synthesis and aqueous solubilization of metal-flavonoid complex for anticancerous applications





9.      Preparation and catalytic evaluation of Ir and Ru catalysts supported onto γ-Al2O3 for hydrazine decomposition





10.  Development of materials for fuel cell applications






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