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Organic synthesis especially chiral induction

1.      Synthesis of 3,4-dihydro-3, 3,8a-trimethylnaphthalene-1, 6(2H, 8aH)-dione, a 4- acylcyclohexa 2,5-dienone, Javid H. Zaidi and Anthony J. Waring; J. C. S. Chem. Comm. (U.K).618, 1980.

2.      Dienone-phenol rearrangements of bicyclic cyclohexa-2, 5-diene-1-ones; Kinetic studies of the importance of a multistage mechanism.Anthony J. Waring, Javid H. Zaidi and James W. Pilkington.J. Chem. Soc. Perkin. Trans. II , (U.K). 935. 1981.

3.      Dienone-phenol rearrangements of bicyclic cyclohexa-2, 5-dienones; Confirmation of a multistage mechanism. Anthony J. Waring, Javid H. Zaidi and James W. Pilkington. J. Chem. Soc. Perkin. Trans. I, (U.K).1454. 1981.

4.      Synthesis of a 4-acylcyclohexa-2, 5-dienone: 3,4-Dihydro-3, 3,8a- trimethylnaphthlene-1, 6(2H, 8aH)-dienone. Anthony John Waring and Javid H. Zaidi. J. Chem. Soc. Perkins Trans.1, (U.K). 631, 1985.

5.      A Bifunctional Anthraquinone Synthon. Marcus A. Tius, Jorge Gomez-Galeno and Javid H. Zaidi, Tetrahedron Let.(U.K) 52, 6909, 1988.

6.      C-Glycosylanthraquinone Synthesis: Total Synthesis of Vineomycinone B2      Methyl Ester. Marcus A. Tius, Jorge Gomez-Galeno, Xue-qin Gu and Javid H. Zaidi. J. Amer. Chem. Soc.(USA). 113, 5775. 1991.

7.      Pharmacological Studies on Novel Neurotensin Mimetics: Discovery of a Pharmacologically Unique Agent Exhibiting Concentration-Dependent Dual Effects as Antogonists and Agonist.Bernadette Cusack, Elliott Richelson, Yuan-Ping Pang, Javid H. Zaidi and Alan P. Kozikowski. Molecular Pharmacology, (USA). 44, 1036, 1993.

8.      Rational Design of Novel Neurotensin Mimetics: Discovery of a Pharmacologically Unprecedented Agent Exhibiting Concentration-dependent Dual Effects as Antagonist and Full Agonist. Yuan-Ping Pang, Javid H. Zaidi, Alan P. Kozikowski, Bernadette Cusackand Elliott Richelson. J. Computer-Aided Mol. Design, (Netherland). 8, 433, 1994.

9.      Synthesis of Partial Nonpeptidic Mimetics as Potential Neurotensin Agonists and Antagonists.Alan P. Kozikowski, Dharmpal S. Dodd, Javid H. Zaidi, Yuan-Ping Pang, Bernadette Cusackand Elliott Richelson. J.Chem. Soc. Perkins Trans.1,(U.K). 1615, 1995.

10.  Cholinergic Agents structurally related to furtrethonium.3.Synthesis and Anti muscarinic activity of series of N-(5-methyl-2-furfuryl and –tiophenyl)-dialkylamines and of 2-dimethylaminomethyl-4-(1’-substituted-acetoxy-methyl)-1,3-dioxolanes.Manferedini S; Guarneri M; Ferroni R; Simoni D; Javid H. Zaidi ; Grana E and Boselli C. Drug Design and Discovery. 13,1-12, 1995.

11.  A Convenient Preparation of n-Butyl chloromethyl ether and its Use in otho- directed metalation of Phenols. Javid H. Zaidi. Synth. Comm. (U.K).26, 2407, 1996.

12.  Synthesis of Novel Metabolically Stable Analogues of D-myo-inositol 1,4,5- Trisphosphate. Abdul H. Fauq, Javid H. Zaidi, Robert A. Wilcox, Girlie Varvel, Stefan R. Nahorski, Alan P. Kozikowski and Christophe Erneux Tetrahedron Let.(U.K). 37, 1917, 1996.

13.  Design Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of Active Pyrrol Based, Nonpeptidic Analogues of Neurotensin (8-13). Feng Hong, Javid H. Zaidi, Yuan-Ping Pang, Bernadette Cusackand Elliott Richelson . J. Chem. Soc. Perkins Trans.1, (U.K). 2997, 1997.

14.  Comparative Studies of the Deprotection of Various acid Sensitive Protecting Groups With Pyridinium p-toluenesulphonate. Javid H. Zaidi, Abdul H. Fauq, and Naseera Ahmed. Tetrahedron Lett.,(U.K) 39, 4137,1998.

15.  Synthesis and Bioactivities of Naturally Occurring Anthraquinones: Isochrysophenol, Isozyganein, w-Hydroxyisochrysophenol and Moriindaparvin. Javid H. Zaidi, Fazal Naeem, Rashid Iqbal, Mohammed Iqbal Choudary, Khalid M.Khan, Shahnaz Perveenc, Syed T. Ali Shah, Safder Hayat and wolfgang Voelter. Z. Naturforsch.(Germany) 56b, 689-696, 2001.

16.  Synthesis and Biological Stydies of Novel Neurotensin (8-13) Mimetics, Feng Hong, Javid H. Zaidi, Bernadette Cusack and Elliot Richelson. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry (USA). 10, 3849-3858, 2002.

17.  Synthesis of Dithioacetals and Oxathioacetals with Chiral Auxiliaries Javid H. Zaidi, Fazal Naeem, Khalid M. Khan, Rashid Iqbal and Zai-Ullah. Synthetic Communications (U.K). 34, 2641. 2004.

18.  An Expeditious Approach Towards Synthesis of Oxathioacetals and Dithioacetals, Javid H. Zaidi, F. Naeem, K.M. Khan, R. Iqbal, Zia-Ullah and S. Perveen, Jour.Chem Soc. Pak., (Pakistan). 26, (3), 333-339, 2004.

19.  Reactions of N-Protected Amino Acids with Alkoxy chloromethyl ethers and Chloromethyl Sulfide. Javid H. Zaidi, M. Arfan, Khalid M. Khan, Shahnaz Perveen and Nida Ambereen,  Letters in Org. Chem. (United Arab Emirates)3, 242-243. 2006.

20.  Synthesis, Anti- microbial and Anti-HIV Activity of Some Novel Benzene sulfonamides Bearing 2, 5- Disubstituted-1,3,4- Oxadiazole Moiety, R. Iqbal*, M. Zareef, S. Ahmed, J. H. Zaidi, M. Arfan, M. Shafique  and   N.A. Al- Masoudi. J. Chinese. Chem. Soc.(China). 53, (3), 2006.

21.  N-{[-(5-(Benzylsulfanyl)-1,3,4-oxadizol-2-yl]-ethyl}-4-chlorobenzene sulfonamide. M. Zareef, Rashid Iqbal, Masood Pervaz, Javid.H. Zaidi and M.   Arfan, Acta.Cysrtalographica Section E. o2449-o2451 2006.

22.  4-Methyl-N-[1-(5-(thioxo-4,5-dihydro-1,3,4-oxadizol-2-yl)propyl]Benzene-sulfonamide.  M. Zareef, Rashid Iqbal, Masood Pervaz, Javid. H. Zaidi and M.Arfan. Acta.Cysrtalographica Section E. (Denmark).o2481-o2483 2006.

23.  N- Benzoyl-N`-methyl-N` (p-tolylsulfony) hydrazine. Muhammad Zareef,   Rashid Iqbal, Masood Pervaz, Javid. H. Zaidi and Muhammad Arfan. Acta.Cysrtalographica Section E. (Denmark).o3049-03051,2006.

24.  1- [(4- Methylphenyl)sulfonyl]pyrrolidin-2-one. M .Zareef, Rashid Iqbal, Masood Pervaz, Javid. H. Zaidi and Muhammad Arfan. Acta.Cysrtalographica Section E. (Denmark).o2955-o2957 2006.

25.  A Convenient Synthesis and Antibacterial Activities of Symmetrical and Asymmetrical   2,5-Disubsituted 1, 3, 4-Oxadiazoles. R. Iqbal*, S. Ahmed, J. H. Zaidi, M. Zareef, M. Arfan and S. A.Shahzad, Jour.Chem Soc. Pak.,(Pakistan). 28, (2), 165-168 2006.

26.  Pyrrole-Based Partial Peptidic Mimic of Neurotensin (8-13): Design and Synthesis, Javid H. Zaidi, Fazal Naeem, Nida Ambreen, Khalid M. Khan, Yuan-Ping Pang, Bernadette Cusack, Elliot Richelson, Awais Anwar and Wolfgang Voelter, Letters in Org. Chem. (United Arab Emirates) 3, 21-24. 2006.

27.  Crystal structure of Picolinic acid hydrazide, C6H7N3O. M. Zareef, R. Iqbal, J. H. Zaidi, G. Qadeer, W. Y. Wong and H. Akhtar, Z. Kristallogr. NCS 221, 2006.

28.  Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. Inhibition of human tumer-associated isozymes IX and cytosolic isozymes I and II with some 1,3,4  oxadiazole-thiols Muhammad Zareef, Alessio Innocent, Rashid Iqbal, Javid.H. Zaidi,  Muhammad Arfan, Andrea Scozzafava, & Claudiu Supuran. Enzyme Inhibitionand and Medicinal Chem. 21(4).315-359, 2006.

29.  Synthesis, Anti- microbial and Anti-HIV Activity of Some Novel Benzenesulfonamides Bearing 2, 5- Disubstituted-1,3,4- Oxadiazole Moiety, M. Zareef, R. Iqbal, S. Ahmed, J. H. Zaidi, M. Arfan, and   N.A. Al-Masoudi. Phosphorus, Sulphur, and Silicon,182:281-298, 2007.

30.  Synthesis, Characterization and thermal dissociation of 2-butoxyethanol- blocked diisocynates and their use in the synthesis of isocynate-  terminated prepolymers. Iftikhar Ahmed, Javid H Zaidi, Rizwan Hussain and Arshad Munir, Polym Int,56, 1521-1529, 2007.

31.  Microwave-Assisted Synthesis and Anti-HIV activity of new  Benzenesulphunamides bearing 2,5- Disubstituted- 1,3,4- oxadiazole Moiety. M. Zareef, Rashid Iqbal, Najim A. Al-Masuodi, Javid H. Zaidi and M. Arfan.Heteroatom Chemistry, 18, 4, 2007.

32.  Phenyl 3-phenyloxiran-2-yl ketone, J. H. Zaidi, Tahir Mehmood, M. Zareef, G. Qadeer and W. Y. Wong. Acta.Cysrt  E63, o1721-1722 2007.

33.  Asymmetric Induction through Metalation of Chiral Dithioacetals and Oxathioacetals. Javid H. Zaidi and Naseem Iqbal Gunjial, Synthetic Communications 37,17, 2835-2845. 2007.

34.  Synthesis and antimalarial activity of novel chiral and achiral    Benzenesulfonamides bearing 1,3,4-oxadiazole moieties. M. Zareef, Rashid Iqbal, Neira Gamboa De Dominguez, Juan Rodrigues, Javid H. Zaidi, M, Arfan and Claudiu T. Supuran. Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal  Chemistry. 22(3), 301-308, 2007.

35.  In Situ synthesis of Benzyl chloromethyl ether and its use for the protection and deprotection of bifunctional hydroxyl compounds. Javid H, Zaidi, Khalid M, Khan, Saadullah Mir, Naseem Iqbal Gunjial and M. Arfan. Letters in Organic Chmemistry, 5, 125-127, 2008.

36.  An improved method of synthesis of N-protected L-amino acids as their Benzoxymethyl esters. Javid H, Zaidi, M. Arfan, Saadullah Mir, Jabbar H. Shah, Shahnaz Perveen and Khalid M. Khan. Natural Product Research, 22 No1, 22-25, 2008.

37.  Proline-β-Amino-Ester Dipeptides as efficient catalysts for Enantioselective Direct Aldol Reaction in Aqueous medium.Mauro De Nisco, Silvana pedatella, Hidayatullah, Javid. H.Zaidi, Daniele Naviglio Ozgur ozdamar Romauldo caputo. J.Org.Chem.2009, 74, 9562-9565.

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