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1. Nanomaterials for the control of Environmental pollution
2. Anticancer Compounds based on Pd metal
3. M.O.F for the adsorption of toxic gases to clean the Environment



a.                               ENVIRONMENTAL/ ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY


1.             Syed. A. Tirmizi*, J.Iqbal and M. Nasir

Determination of Trace Elements in sweet taste fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants. J .Pure Appl. Sci. (Pak) 13(1), 41-44 (1994)

2.             J.Iqbal, Syed.A.Tirmizi* and M. Naeem .

Determination of Chromium and Zinc in bitter taste fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants. J. Pure. Appl. Sci. (Pak) 14(1), 37-40 (1995)

2.                   J.Iqbal, Syed.A.Tirmizi* and M. T. Ehsan

Biodegradatian study of Chitosan in the soil samples of Bahawalpur. J. Pure. Appl. Sci. (Pak), 15(1), 29-34 (1996)

3.                Syed.A.Tirmizi*, Javed Iqbal and M. N. Akhtar

Determinatian of Mineral Elements in sour taste plants. J. Pure .Appl. Sci. (Pak), 15(1), 25-28 (1996)

4.                   Syed.A.Tirmizi*, J.Iqbal, S.Ahmad and S.Firdaus

A study of Inorganic Elements in vegetables and soil samples of the polluted and non-polluted areas of Bahawalpur city. Hamdard Medicus (Pak), Vol. xxxix (3), 90-95 (1996)

6.                   Syed A.Tirmizi*, J.Iqbal and M. Issa

Collection of Metal ions present in water samples of different sites of Pakistan using Biopolymer Chitosan. J. Chem. Soc  (Pak) 18(4), 312-15 (1996)

7.                   Syed A.Tirmizi*, J.Iqbal, A.S. Khattak and M. Farooq,

Biodegradation study of Chitosan in the soil samples of NWFP and Gilgit area of Pakistan. J. Pure .Appl. Sci  (Pak), 16(2), 53-58 (1997)

8.         A.A. Chaudhary, A. Salman, T.M. Ansari, S. Nadeem and Syed A.Tirmizi*                                Studies on the Effect of Seasonal Variations on Physical and Chemical characteristic of Indus River Water. J. Pure. Appl. Sci  (Pak) 17(1), 26-33 (1998) 

9.         F.Chohan, M.H.S.Watto, Syed A. Tirmizi*, F.H.Wattoo, A. Rehman and M.Tufail.

Analytical Investigation of Inorganic Nutritive Elements of Caparis deciduas grown in Cholistan Desert. The Nucleus (Pak), 39(3-4), 195-199 (2002)

10.        M.H.S.Wattoo, F.H.Wattoo, T.G.Kazi, Syed A.Tirmizi*, M.I.Bhanger, R.B.Mahar and J.Iqbal

Quality Characterization of Phulali Canal Water for Irrigation Purposes. The Nucleus (Pak)   41(1-4), 69-75 (2004)

11.        Syed A. Tirmizi*, F.H.Wattoo, M.H.S.Wattoo, M. N. Khokhar  and J.Iqbal

Analytical Investigation of Soil Inorganic Elements in Cotton Cultivated Areas of Vehari                  (Pakistan). J.Chem.Soc (Pak) 27(6), 606-10 (2005)

12.        J.Iqbal, Syed A.Tirmizi*, M. L. Mirza and M.J. Iqbal

Adsorption Status of Some Transition Metal Ions on Pretreated Fish Scales. J.Chem. Soc. (Pak) 27(1), 77-81(2005)

13.        M.H.S. Wattoo, F.H. Wattoo, T.G.Kazi, Syed A.Tirmizi* and Javed Iqbal

Quantitative Bacteria Evaluation and Chemical Analysis of Diet, Club, Ice Cream Soda, and         Soft Drinks.   Arab Gulf .J. Sci. Res  23(1), 15-22 (2005)

14.        J.Iqbal, Syed A. Tirmizi*, F.H. Wattoo, M. Imran, M.H.S .Wattoo, S.Sharfuddin and S. Latif

Biological properties of Chlorosalicylidine Analine and its complexes with Co2+and Cu2+  Turk. J. Biol  30, 1-4 (2006)

15.        S. Yasmin, Syed A. Tirmizi*, M. H. S. Wattoo, F. H. Wattoo and J.Iqbal
Chemical Analysis of Chicorum intubus grown and wild in Cholistan Desert. J.Chem.Soc (Pak) 28(1), 51-55 (2006)

16.       Syed A. Tirmizi*, F.H. Wattoo , M.H.S. Wattoo and J.Iqbal. 

                  Analytical Investigation of Soil Inorganic Nutrients of Cholistan Desert.

            J. Chem. Soc. (Pak), 28(4), 337-42 2006)

17        M.H.S. Wattoo, F.H. Wattoo, Syed A. Tirmizi*, T.G. Kazi, M. I. Bhanger and  J.Iqbal

            Pollution of Phulali Canal Water in the city premises of Hyderabad: Metal Monitoring

            J. Chem. Soc. (Pak), 28(2), 136-143 (2006).

18.        J.Iqbal.  Syed.A. Tirmizi*, F.H. Wattoo, M. Imran, M.H.S. Wattoo, S.Sharfuddin and S. Latif

Dehydroacetic acid oxime as a new ligand for Spectrophotometric Determination of Co2+ 

                 J.Chem.Soc.(Pak) 29(2), 136-39 (2007)

19.        Syed.A. Tirmizi*, M.H.S. Wattoo, M.Mazhar, F.H.Wattoo, A.N.Memon and J.Iqbal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

            Analytical Investigation of Chromium and Zinc in Sweet, Sour and Bitter Taste Fruits,

            Vegetables and Medicinal Plants.  Quimica Nova 30(7), 1573-77 (2007)    

20.        Syed A.Tirmizi*, F.H.Wattoo, M.H.S.Wattoo, M.Moazzam, J.Iqbal and A.N.Memon

Analytical Investigation of Li+, Na+, K+, Ca2+ and Mg2+ levels in Human Blood Serum of Cholistan Desert Population. J.Chem.Soc.(Pak) 29(5), 453-57(2007)

21.        Syed A.Tirmizi*, M.Moazzam, F.H.Wattoo, M.H.S.Wattoo, N.Wasi, J.Iqbal and A.N.Memon

Analytical Investigation of Soil, Bark and Flowers of Acacia nilotica grown in Desert    Environment. J.Chem.Soc.(Pak) 29(5), 481-86 (2007)

22.        M. Hussain, Syed A. Tirmizi*, S.Ahmad and S.Rafique

Development of a Spectroscopic Method for Quantitative Determination of Pharmaceutical Preparations of Vitamin C. J.Chem.Soc.(Pak) 29(6), 575-79 (2007)

23.        F.H.Wattoo,M.S.Memon, A.N.Memon, M.H.S.Wattoo, Syed A. Tirmizi* and J.Iqbal

Quantitative Analysis of Stress and Cholestrol levels in University teachers and housewives of Hyderabad-Pakistan.  Pak.J.Med.Res.(Pak) 46(2), 42-45 (2007)

24.        S.Nadeem, M.K.Rauf, M.Ebihara, Syed A.Tirmizi* and S.Ahmad

                  Tetrakis(thiourea-kS)Palladium(II) dithiocyanate   Acta Cryst (2008).E64, m698-m699 

25.        M.H.S.Wattoo, M.Mazhar, M.Tufail, Syed A.Tirmizi* and J.Iqbal

X-RayDiffraction Analysis to Study the Effect of Metal Loading, Calcination and Reduction    Temperatures for Supported Palladium Catalysts. J.Chem.Soc.(Pak) 30(3),377-84 (2008)

26.        F.H.Wattoo,  Syed A.Tirmizi*, M. H. S. Wattoo, A.Anjum, J.Iqbal, A.B.Ghangharo and  M.Y.Khan

Analytical Investigation of Selected Inorganic Nutrients of Desert Growing Aloes.  J.Chem.Soc. (Pak) 30(3), 394-99 (2008)

27.        Syed A.Tirmizi*, F.H.Wattoo, M.H.S.Wattoo, S.Sarwar, J.Iqbal and A.B.Ghanghro

                  Spectrophotometric Study of Stability Constants of Famotidine-Cu(II) Complex at Different

                  Temperatures. Arabian.J.Sci.Engg  34(2A), 43-48 (2009)

28.        M.A.Arain, F.H.Wattoo, A.B.Ghanghro, M.H.S.Wattoo, Syed A. Tirmizi*, J.Iqbal and S.A.Arain

Simultaneous Determination of Metal Ions as Complexes of Pentamethylene Dithiocarbamate in Indus River Water Pakistan. Arabian.J.Chem 2, 25-29 (2009)

29.        Syed A.Tirmizi*, F.H.Wattoo, M.H.S.Wattoo, S.Sarwar, J.Iqbal and A.B.Ghanghro

                  Spectrophotometric Study of Stability Constants of Famotidine-Ni(II) Complex at Different

                  Temperatures.  Arabian.J.Sci.& Engg 35(1A), 93-99 (2010).

30.        Syed A.Tirmizi*, F.H.Wattoo, M.H.S.Wattoo, S.Sarwar, J.Iqbal and  A.B.Ghanghro

                  Spectrophotometric Study of Stability Constants of Cimetidine-Ni(II) Complex at Different

                  Temperatures. Arabian.J.Sci.Engg (2011). In press.                                                                                                                                                      31.        J.Iqbal, F.H.Wattoo, M.H.S.Wattoo, Syed A.Tirmizi*, M.Ahmad, M.Imran, R.Malik

                  Adsorption of acid yellow dye on flakes of Chitosan Prepared from Fishery Wastes.

                  Arabian.J. Chem, 4(4) 389-95 (2011).

32        Syed A Tirmizi*, M.H.S.Wattoo, F.H.Wattoo, A. Quddus, A.Wadood.

      Aerosol- Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition of Cadmium Sulfide and Zinc Sulfide 

Thin films prepared from bis (dibutylditiocarbamato) metal complexes. Arabian. J.Sci. Engg. 36, 565-71 (2011)


b.                              INORGANIC/ BIOCHEMISTRY


1.                   Sen. Yang, Syed A. Tirmizi*, A. Burns, A. A. Barney and W. M. Risen, Jr

Chitaline materials: Soluble Chitosan-Polyaniline copolymers and their Conductive doped forms. Synth. Metals 32, 191-200 (1989)

2.         J.Iqbal, Syed A.Tirmizi*, S. Malik, R. M. Siddique, M. Ismail and B. A Nasir

Chemistry of Dehydroacetic Acid Oxime Complexes of Fe2+, Fe3+, Ag+ and Cu2+, Acta.Sci (Pak) 4(142), 35-44(1994)

2.                                                                                                       Zia F. Khan, Syed A.Tirmizi* and Habibur-Rehman

Group theory and solid state photochemical reactions of Humulene nitrosite (C15H24N203), J. Pure  Appl. Sci  (Pak) 14(1), 23-32 (1995)       

4.         Syed A.Tirmizi*, Z.H. Chohan, J.Iqbal and Sayeda A.Sabira

Studies of Transition Metal ions binding with Polymeric ligand Chitosan and Mechanism of    Gelation.  J.Pure Appl. Sci (Pak) 14(2), 1-4 (1995)       

5.                   Syed A.Tirmizi*, J.Iqbal and A.Qayyum. Saqib

Fe2+, Co2+, Ni2+ and Cu2+ Complexes of Pyrazolylpyridine. J. Res.Sci (Pak) 8(1),11-15 (1996)
6.         Hans P. Brack, Syed A.Tirmizi* and W.M.Risen.Jr                                                 

Spectroscopic and Viscometric Study of the metal ion-induced gelation of the Biopolymer       Chitosan. Polymer 38(10), 2351-62 (1997)

7.         J. Iqbal, Syed A.Tirmizi* and Tariq M.Butt

            Metal complexes of a Schiff base formed by the condensatian of Benzaldehyde with Aniline.  J.Pure Appl.Sci(Pak)16(1), 55-59(1997)

8.         Z.H. Chohan and Syed A.Tirmizi *

Role of Anions (chloride, sulfate, nitrate, oxalate and acetate) on Biological Activity of Ni2+ and Co2+ Chelates with Melamine derived ligands.  Sci. Int (Pak) 9(1), 33-35 (1997)

9.            J.Iqbal, M.L. Mirza, Syed A.Tirmizi* and A. Mahmud

Adsorption Studies of Transition Metals from Manganese to Zinc over Zirconyl Silicate Resin. J. Chem. Soc (Pak) 20(4), 244-49 (1998)

10.               Syed A.Tirmizi*,M.H.S. Wattoo, S. Kanwal, F.H.Watoo and J.Iqbal

Inorganic Nutrients of  Saccharum bengalense grown in Desert Environment. J.Chem. Soc (Pak) 27(2), 186-89 ( 2005)

11.               Syed A. Tirmizi*, M.H.S. Watto,  N.Anwar, F.H.Wattoo, J.Iqbal and M.Tufail

Inorganic Nutrients of Calatropus procera grown in Cholistan Desert. J.Chem.Soc (Pak)                                               27(6), 621-26 (2005)

12.               F.H.Wattoo, M.S.Memon, A.N.Memon, M.H.S.Wattoo, Syed A.Tirmizi* and J.Iqbal

Effects of stress on serum lipid levels in lady health visitors and housewives. Rawal.Med.J (Pak) 32(1), 41-44 (2007)

13.               F.H.Wattoo, M.S.Memon, A.N.Memon, M.H.S.Wattoo, Syed A. Tirmizi* and J.Iqbal

Estimation and Correlation of Stress and Cholesterol levels in college teachers and housewives of Hyderabad- Pakistan.  J.Pak.Med.Assoc (Pak) 58(1), 15-17 (2008)                                       

14.               S.Nadeem, M.K.Rauf, S.Ahmad, M.Ebihara, Syed A.Tirmizi*, S.A.Bashir and A.Badshah,

Synthesis and Characterization of Palladium (II) Complexes of thiourea. X-ray structure of [Pd(N,N-dimethylthiourea)4]Cl2.2H2O and [Pd(tetramethylthiourea)4]Cl2.Trans.Met.Chem 34,197-202 (2009)                                                                                                      

15.        Syed A.Tirmizi*, S.Nadeem, A.Hameed, M.H.S.Wattoo, A.Anwar, Z.A.Ansari and S.Ahmad

Synthesis, Spectral Characterization and Antibacterial Studies of Palladium(II) Complexes of    Hetrocyclic thiones. Spectroscopy 23,299-306 (2009)

16.        S.Sharif, M.Akkurt, Islamullah Khan, S.Nadeem, Syed A.Tirmizi* and S.Ahmad.

3-Thioamidopyridinium iodide.  Acta Cryst (2009) E65: o2423

17.        S. Ahmad, T. Rüffer, H. Lang, S. Nadeem, Syed A. Tirmizi*, M. Saleem and A. Anwar.

Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Antimicrobial Studies of trans [Pd(PPh3)2(imidazolidine-2-thione)2]Cl2.3.5H2O. Russ.J.Coord. Chem 36 (07), 520-24 (2010).                                    

18.        S. Nadeem, M. K. Rauf, Syed. A. Tirmizi*, M. Bolte, S. Ahmad, M. Asma and A. Hameed.

Synthesis, Spectral Characterization and Biological Activity of Palladium(II) Bromido Complexes of thioamides; x-ray structure of [Pd(tetramethylthiourea)4]Br2 Trans.Met.Chem.35, 555-61(2010).                                                            

19.        S. Nadeem, M. Bolte, S. Ahmad, F. Tahira, Syed A. Tirmizi*, M. K. Rauf, S. A. Sattar, S. Siddiq, A.      Hameed and S. Z. Haider.

Synthesis, Crystal Structures, Antibacterial and Antiproliferative Activity in vitro of Palladium(II) complexes of triphenylphosphine and thioamides, Inorgan. Chim. Acta  363 , 3261-69 (2010).

20.   F.H.Wattoo, M.S. Memon, A.N.Memon, M.H.S.Wattoo, A.B.Ghanghro, M.Yaquib and Syed      A.Tirmizi*

Effect of Stress on Serum Cholestrol Levels in Nurses and Housewives of Hyderabad.(Pakistan) Pak.J.Biochem. Mol.Bio 43(2), 50-53 (2010).

21.        M.H.S.Wattoo, A.Quddos, A.Wadood, M.B.Khan, F.H.Wattoo, Syed A. Tirmizi* and K. Mehmood

Synthesis, Characterization and Impregnation of Lead Sulfide Semiconductor Nanoparticles on Polymer Matix. J.Saudi.Chem.Soc (2011), In press.

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