Name: Dr. Samiullah Khan
Designation: Associate Professor
Department: Microbiology

Qualifications: Ph.D (Sweden)
Postdoctorate (Sweden)

Phone: +92-51 9064-3011
Status: On Job
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Research Interests Publications Conferences Research Projects

·         Microbial production of industrially important metabolites with special focus on enzymes and metabolites of pharmaceutical  importance

·         Enzyme engineering and designing of new biocatalyst

·         Enhancement of catalytic proficiency and specificity of enzymes for a given enzymatic activity

·         Cloning, expression, mutagenesis studies, Bioinformatics, Structure/Function  studies and modelling of different microbial enzymes

·         Application of enzymes in various field for applied purposes

1    Irfan M, Tayyab A, Hasan F, Khan S, Badshah M, Shah AA, Production and characterization of organic-solvent-tolerant cellulase from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens AK9 isolated from hot spring. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology (Accepted).

2    Khan S, S. Kulkarni Tejas, Mahmood T,   Sundin A, Lindahl S , Turner C, T LoganD, and Nordberg Karlsson, E.  Crystal structure of β-glucosidase 1A from Thermotoga neapolitana and comparison of active site mutants for hydrolysis of pNPGlc and quercetin-3 glucosides. Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics (Accepted)

3     Khan R A, Alkreathy H.A, Shah A.S, Ahmed M, and Khan S Protective effects of Trifolium alexandrinum L. against lung injury induced by environmental toxin CCl4 in experimental rats. F&N Research November 7, 2016.

4     Sajjad  W, Mehmood TB, Hasan F, Khan S, Badshah M, Naseem AA and  Shah1 AA. Characterization of sulfur-oxidizing bacteria isolated from acid mine drainage and black shale samples. Pak. J. Bot Pak. J. Bot. 2016, 48(3): 1253-1262.

5    Shah A A, Nawaz A, Kanwal L, Hasan A, Khan S, Badshah M. Degradation of poly(ε-caprolactone) by a thermophilic bacterium Ralstonia sp. strain MRL-TL isolated from hot spring. IBB.2015, 98:(35-42)

6     Hassan M, Mehmood S, Khan N, Khan A, Khan R and Khan S. Antioxidant evaluation of methanolic extract of Tamarix aphylla and Euphorbia helioscopia. IJAR.2014, 2: 9 (62-65).

7     Shah A.S, Ahmed M, Alkreathy H.A, Khan M.R, Khan R.A and Khan S. Phytochemical screening and protective effects of Trifolium alexandrinum (L.) against free radical induced stress in rats. J Food Sci Nutr. 2014,  2:6 (751–757).

8    Akbar S, Hasan F, Nadhman A, Khan S, Shah A A. Purification and characterization of poly (3-hydroxy butyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) degrading enzyme from Streptomyces sp. AF-111. J Polym Environ. 2013, 21:1109–1116.

9     Lindahl S, Liu J,  Khan S, Nordberg Karlsson E and Turner C. An on-line method for pressurised hot water extraction and enzymatic hydrolysis of quercetin glucosides from onions. J Analytica Chimica Acta. 2013,785:27(50-59)

10   Khan S, Lindahl, S, Turner C, and Nordberg Karlsson, E.  Immobilization of thermostable β-glucosidase variants on acrylic supports for biocatalytic processes in hot water. J Mol Catal B-Enzym. 2012, 80 :( 28–38).

11  Khan S, Pozzo .T, Megyeri M, Lindahl S, Sundin A, Turner C, Nordberg Karlsson E. Aglycone specificity of Thermotoga neapolitana beta-glucosidase 1A modified by mutagenesis, leading to increased catalytic efficiency in quercetin-3-glucoside hydrolysis. 2011 BMC Biochem , 12:11

12   Lindahl S, Ekman A, Khan S, Wennerberg C, Börjesson P, Sjöberg P.J.R, Nordberg Karlsson E and Turner C. Exploring the possibility of using a thermostable mutant of β -glucosidase for rapid hydrolysis of quercetin glucosides in hot water.Green Chem. 2010, 12:1(159-169)


13   Hasan F, Khan S, Ali Shah A, Hameed A. Production of antimicrobial compounds by free and immobilized Bacillus Pumilus SAF1. 2009 Pak. J. Bot., 41(3): 1499-1510.

Book Chapter

1  Ara K.Z.G, Khan S, Kulkarni T. S, Pozzo T, and Nordberg Karlsson E (2013). Glycoside hydrolases for extraction and modification of glycosylation in polyphenolic antioxidants. Advances in Enzyme Biotechnology.   


1    10th Biennial Conference of Pakistan Society of Microbiology  at Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, University of the Punjab Lahore, 25-28 March, 2016.Rheinheimera TS-5 isolated as a potential producer of polyextremophilic α-amylase. (Posterl presentation).

2         2nd Annaual conference on Advances in Biotechnology. 12-13, March,2012, Thailand (Bangkok). Development of a sustainable method for modification of polyphenolic glucosides. (Oral presentation).

3         16th European Carbohydrate Symposium. July 2-8, 2011, Italy (Naples-Sorrento).

Khan S, Mahmood Tahir, Lindahl S, Turner C and Nordberg Karlsson E. Mutagenesis of substrate interacting residues in the active site of TnBgl1A for improved deglycosylation of antioxidants (Poster Presented)

4         9th Carbohydrate Bioengineering Meeting. May 15-18, 2011, Portugal (Lisbon).

Khan S, Lindahl S, Turner C and Nordberg Karlsson E. Immobilization of thermostable β-glucosidases (TnBgl1A) for modification of antioxidants at high temperature (Poster Presented)

5         Thermophiles 2009, 16-21 August, Beijing, China.

Khan S, Lindahl S, Turner C and Nordberg Karlsson E. Immobilization of thermostable β-glucosidases (TnBglA) for modification of antioxidants using hot water (Poster Presented) 

6         8th Carbohydrate Bioengineering Meeting. May 10-13, 2009, Italy (Naples-Ischia).

Khan S, Lindahl S, Turner C and Nordberg Karlsson E. Modification of Glycosylated Antioxidants by the Thermostable Glucosidase Bgl1A (Poster Presented)

7         Sixth International Biennial Conference of Pakistan Society for Microbiology March 18-21 (2007).

Khan S, Hameed A, Ahmed S and Hasan F. Production of antibiotics by Bacillus pumilus immobilized in polyacrylamide (Poster Presented)

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