Name: Dr. Hassan Javed
Designation: Professor
Department: Plant Sciences

Qualifications: PhD    

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Research Interests Publications Conferences Research Projects

  1. Plant Growth Regulation
  2. Control of Plant Stress by Microbes 
  3. Biological Control of Plant Diseases
  4. Microbial Cleaning of Polluted Land
  5. Plant Pathogens and Pest Organisms
  6. Plant-Microbe Interactions
  7. Ecology of Plant-Associated Microbes


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Book Chapter
  1. Rafique M., Hayat K., Mukhtar T., Amna, Khan AA., Afridi MS., H ussain T., Sultan T., Munis MFH., Imran M., Chaudhary HJ* (2015). Bacterial biofilm formation and its role against agricultural pathogens. In A. Méndez Vilas (Ed.), MicrobiThe Battle Against al Pathogens: Basic Science, Technological Advances and Educational Programs.  Spain: Formatex Research Center.

*Corresponding author

  1. 2nd National Conference on Advancement in Sciences and Research, at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology,Vehari, Pakistan on 17th March 2014.
  2. 12th National and 3rd  International Conference of Botany, at Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan on 1-3rd September 2012
  1. Application and genetic diversity of endophytic diazotrophs isolated from wild and cultivated rice funded by Higher Education Commission Pakistan

  2. Sequences submitted in NCBI: 15.461 Kb

  3. Whole genome of two bacterial strains have been fully sequenced by Ion-torrent method with the help of foreign collaboration. Ref: Bioproject number: PRJNA286912, PRJNA286914

  4. Gene bank submission: 13

  5. Bacterial inventory with gene sequences and gene bank numbers

  6. Enrolled PhD Students: 5

  7. M.Phil produced: 15

  8. Enrolled M.Phil Students: 15

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