Name: Dr. Iram Murtaza
Designation: Associate Professor
Department: Biochemistry (BMB)



 Ph.D. :                    CAS, PRC

Post Doc.  :      UTHSC, USA

Field of Specialization:        Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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Signal Transduction and Molecular Therapeutic Interventions


 Non-coding RNAs in Cardiovascular Diseases ( 

Springer Nature

Book Series; [Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology]; Editor: Prof. Dr. Jun Jie Xiao. Final Submission: October 8, 2019. Estimated Print Publication Date:April 2020

Chapter 1: An overview of non-coding RNAs and cardiovascular system. Iram Mushtaq, Ayesha Ishtiaq, Tahir Ali, Muhammad Ishtiaq Jan, Iram Murtaza*, Section I; Overview.

Chapter 23: Prospective advances in non-coding RNAs investigation

Muhammad Ishtiaq Jan, Tahir Ali, Ayesha Ishtiaq, Iram Mushtaq, Iram Murtaza*, Section VI; Future Prospects

Selected Publications

Engineering electroactive and biocompatible tetra(aniline)-based terpolymers with tunable intrinsic antioxidant properties in vivo. Mushtaq I a, Mushtaq I b , Akhter Z, Murtaza I, Qamar S, Ayub S, Mirza B, Butt TM, Janjua K, Shah FU, Zaman F. Mar 2020 in MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING: C

Interplay of N- acetyl cysteine and melatonin in regulating oxidative stress-induced cardiac hypertrophic factors and microRNAs.  Ali T, Mushtaq I, Maryam S, Farhan A, Saba K, Jan MI, Sultan A, Anees M, Duygu B, Hamera S, Tabassum S, Javed Q, da Costa Martins PA,  Murtaza I *. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, (Elsevier Science Inc, USA), 661., 56-65., 2019. 

Antioxidant Activity and Hepatotoxicity of Flavonoids and Their Metal Complexes Through Co‐Administration of β‐Cyclodextrin. Jabeen E, Janjua NK, Ahmed S, Ali T, Murtaza I, Ashraf Z, Masood N, Kalsoom S. ChemistrySelect 4 (32), 9420-9432., 2019. 

Apoptosis of Leukemia Cells by Ocimum basilicum Fractions Following TNF alpha Induced Activation of JNK and Caspase 3. Rehan T, MacEwan D, Shah N, Rehan T, Tahira R, Murad S, Anees M, Murtaza I, Farman M, Sultan A. Current Pharmaceutical Design,  2019 Oct 10. doi: 10.2174/1381612825666191011100826., 2019.

Role of resistin genetic variations in knee osteoarthritis pathogenesis, a cross sectional study. SKB Naqvi, Murtaza I *, Q Javed*.  Molecular Biology Reports, (Springer, Netherlands), 46(3)., 2657-2663.,2019. 

Interleukin-6 (-572) and Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha (-308 and-238) Polymorphisms and Risk of Knee Osteoarthritis in a Pakistani Population: A Case-Control Study. Naqvi, S.K.B., Bibi, M.,  Murtaza I *, Javed Q. Iran J Sci Technol Trans Sci, (Springer Intl. Publishing, Switzerland), 43(4)., 1485–1490., 2019.  

Analysis of NT-proBNP and uric acid due to left ventricle hypertrophy in the patients of aortic valve disease. MI Jan, RA Khan, A Sultan, A Ullah, A Ishtiaq,  Murtaza I #. Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences, (PMB, Pakistan), 35(1).,183-188.,2019. 

In vitro bioactivities and subacute toxicity study of O. basilicum, T. vulgaris and R. officinalis. Rehan T, Tahira F, Ullah H, Tareen U, Rehan T, Anees M, Murtaza I, Sultan A.  Turkish Journal of Biochemistry. 2018-05-01 | DOI:

Screening and characterization of selected drugs having antibacterial potential. Javed H, Tabassum S, Erum S, Murtaza I, Muhammad A, Amin F, Nisar MF. Pak J Pharm Sci. 2018 May;31(3):933-939.

Data of expression status of mir- 29a and its putative target mitochondrial apoptosis regulatory gene DRP-1 upon mir-15a and mir-214 inhibition. Jan MI, Khan RA,  Malik A, Ali T, Bilal M, Bo L, Sajid A, Urehman N, Waseem N, Nawab J, Ali M, Majeed A, Ahmad H, Aslam S, Hamera S, Sultan A, Anees M, Javed Q,  Murtaza I *. Data in Brief 2018, 16, 1000-1004. 

   Interplay of mitochondria apoptosis regulatory factors and microRNAs in valvular heart disease. MI Jan,  R A Khan, T Ali, M Bilal, L Bo, A Sajid, AMalik, N Urehman, N Waseem, JNawab, M Ali, A Majeed, H Ahmad, S Aslam, S Hamera , A Sultan, M Anees , Q Javed,   Murtaza I * 2017 Sep 6;633:50-57. doi: 10.1016/ [Epub ahead of print]

DFT predictions, synthesis, stoichiometric structures and anti-diabetic activity of Cu (II) and Fe (III) complexes of quercetin, morin, and primuletin. E Jabeen, N K Janjua, S Ahmed, Murtaza , T Ali, N Masood, A S Rizvi, G Murtaza. Journal of Molecular Structure. Volume 115015 December 2017, Pages 459-468

    Radical scavenging propensity of Cu2+, Fe3+ complexes of flavonoids and in-vivo radical scavenging by Fe3+-primuletin. Jabeen E, Janjua NK, Ahmed S, Murtaza I, Ali T, Hameed S. 2017 Jan 15;171:432-438. doi: 10.1016/j.saa.2016.08.035. Epub 2016 Aug 22.

                Extracellular vesicles in ovarian cancer: applications to tumor biology, immunotherapy and biomarker discovery M Nawaz, F Fatima, I Nazarenko, K Ekström, Murtaza I, M Anees, A Sultan, ...Expert review of proteomics, 2016, 13 (4), 395-409

               Clinical role of HER2 gene amplification and chromosome 17: a study on 154 IHC-equivocal cases of invasive breast carcinoma patients. M Afzal, M Amir, MJ Hassan, MS Hussain, MN Aziz, S Murad,  Murtaza I, A Sultan...

Tumor Biology, 2016,1-8.

Expression of Cucumber mosaic virus suppressor 2b alters FWA methylation and its siRNA accumulation in Arabidopsis thaliana. Sadia Hamera;  Youngsheng Yan;  Xiaoguang Song;  Safee Ullah Chaudhary;  Iram Murtaza;  Lei Su;  Muhammad Tariq;  Xiaoying Chen;  Rongxiang Fang. Biol Open. 2016 Nov 15;5(11):1727-1734. doi: 10.1242/bio.017244..

Effect of Hexane and Ethanol Extracts of Ten Basil Genotypes on the Growth of Selected Bacterial Strains. Tabassum Sobia, Amin Farhana, Erum Shazia, Javed H, Kazmi F, Nisar MF, Ullah I, Murtaza I , Ashraf M. International Jouranl of Agriculture and Biology.   2016 18(4)    735-740.

              Effect of maternal iodine supplementation on thyroid function and birth outcome in goiter endemic areas. M Anees, RA Anis, S Yousaf,  Murtaza I, A Sultan, M Arslan, M Shahab. Current medical research and opinion, 2015, 31 (4), 667-674

                 Insulin Over Expression induces Heart Abnormalities via Reactive Oxygen Species Regulation, might be step towards Cardiac Hypertrophy. S Mushtaq, T Ali, M Gul, Q Javed, C Emanueli,  Murtaza I*. Cell. Mol. Biol, 2015,  61 (1), 30-35.

                Increased endogenous serotonin level in diabetic conditions may lead to cardiac valvulopathy via reactive oxygen species regulation. T Ali, H Waheed, F Shaheen, M Mahmud, Q Javed, Murtaza I*. Biologia, 2015, 70 (2), 273-278.

                 The erratic antibiotic susceptibility patterns of bacterial pathogens causing urinary tract infections. I Ahmed, M Sajed, A Sultan,  Murtaza I, S Yousaf, B Maqsood, P Vanhara, Anees M. ...EXCLI journal, 2015, 14, 916.

                 N-Acetyl Cysteine inhibits Endothelin-1 induced ROS dependent Cardiac hypertrophy through superoxide dismutase regulation. Mushtaq S, Ali T, Javed Q, Tabassum S,  Murtaza I *. Cell Journal, 2015,  17 (2).

Serotonin-promoted elevation of ROS levels may lead to cardiac pathologies in diabetic rat. T Ali, F Shaheen, M Mahmud, H Waheed, M Ishtiaq, Q Javed,  Murtaza I *. . Archives of Biological Sciences, 2015,  67 (2), 655-661.         

                Stress Responsive Factors Regulation in Patients Suffering from Type 2 Diabetes and Myocardial Infarction2. S Mushtaq, T Ali, F Altaf, M Abdullah,  Murtaza I*. TJMS, 2015, 45 (1), 148-152.

              Anti-Hematotoxic Role of Bunium persicum Seeds Differential Extract in Animal Model: ROS might be a Contributor. T Ali, K Saeed, M Abdullah,  Murtaza I*. Osong Public Health and Research Perspectives, 2014, 5(6): 358–363.

           Cardiac hypertrophy is negatively regulated by miR-541. F Liu, N Li, B Long, YY Fan, CY Liu, QY Zhou,  Murtaza I, K Wang, PF Li. Cell death & disease, 2014, 5 (4), e1171.


             Imbalance of serum trace elements contributes its pro and anti-oxidative stress role via ROS and SOD regulation in acute leukemia: a population base study..  Tahir Ali, A M, A Aqeel, Nuzhat Yasmeen,  Sobia Allahrakha,  Iram Murtaza *. Trace Elements and Electrolytes, 2014, 32-1, 22-27. DOI 10.5414/TEX01358.


             miR-761 regulates the mitochondrial network by targeting mitochondrial fission factor. B Long, K Wang, N Li, Murtaza , JY Xiao, YY Fan, CY Liu, WH Li, .... Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 2013, 65, 371-379.

              Tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene promoter region polymorphism and the risk of coronary heart disease. GZ Asifa, A Liaquat, Murtaza , SAR Kazmi, Q Javed. The Scientific World Journal, 2013, 203492. doi: 10.1155/2013/203492. eCollection 2013.

             Interplay of Phosphorylated Apoptosis Repressor with CARD, Casein Kinase-2 and Reactive Oxygen Species in Regulating Endothelin-1–Induced Cardiomyocyte HypertrophyMurtaza *, HX Wang, S Mushtaq, Q Javed, LP Feng. IJBMS, 2013,  16 (8), 928-935.

              Therapeutic potential of tumour necrosis factor-alpha antagonists in patients with chronic heart failure. Q Javed,  Murtaza I. Heart, Lung and Circulation, 2013,  22 (5), 323-327.

             miR-23a functions downstream of NFATc3 to regulate cardiac hypertrophy. Z Lin *, Murtaza  *, K Wang, J Jiao, J Gao, PF Li. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2009, 106 (29), 12103-12108.

              Down-regulation of catalase and oxidative modification of protein kinase CK2 lead to the failure of apoptosis repressor with caspase recruitment domain to inhibit cardiomyocyte hypertrophy.  Murtaza I*, HX Wang, X Feng, N Alenina, M Bader, BS Prabhakar, PF Li. Journal of biological chemistry, 2008, 283 (10), 5996-6004.

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 TWAS –COMSTECH research grant.

Therapeutic interventional study for lethal pathological disorders by employing ROS regulating endogenous factors.


 HEC research grant

Novel therapeutic intervention for inhibiting cardiac hypertrophy by elucidating molecular signaling mechanism of specific transcription factors and cardiac specific ARC protein

HEC NRPU research grants

Regulation of mitochondrial functioning to inhibit cardiomyocytes hypertrophy leading to heart failure. (6165/Federal/NRPU/R&D/HEC/2016)

Development of Cardiac Specific Neurohormonal Based Diagnostic Marker for Cardiac Failure Detection at early  stage


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