Name: Dr. Amina Zubieri
Designation: Assistant Professor
Department: Animal Sciences


Post-Doctorate ( Fish Behavior )

Macquarie University, NSW, Australia

Post-Doctorate   (Fish Breeding & Genetics)

Auburn University, Alabama state, USA.

PhD (Zoology)

Quaid-i-Azam University

MPhil (Fish Physiology)

Quaid-i-Azam University

MSc (Zoology)

Quaid-i-Azam University

Phone: +92-51 9064-3199
Status: On Job
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Research Interests Publications Conferences Research Projects

Fish Behavior, Fish Genetics, Fish reproduction, Fish Nutrition, Fish toxicology

  • Ullah, R., Zuberi, A.,  Naeem, M.,  Ullah, S (2015)  Toxicity to Hematology and Morphology of  Liver, Brain and Gills during Acute Exposure of Mahseer (Tor putitora) to Cypermethrin. Int. J. Agric. Biol.  17:199-204. Impact factor :- 0.94  
  • Ullah, R., Zuberi, A., Ullah, S., Ullah, I., Dawar,F. U (2014).  Cypermethrin induced behavioral and biochemical changes in mahseer, Tor putitora. J. Toxicol. Sci.  39(6):     Impact factor :- 1.893
  •  Bibi, N., Zuberi, A., Naeem, M., Ullah, I.,  Atika, B(2014)  Evaluation of acute toxicity of karate and its sub-lethal effects on protein and acetylcholinestrase activity in Cyprinus  carpio.  Int. J. Agric. Biol.  16: 731-737.  Impact factor :- 0.94    
  •  Zuberi, A., Brown, C., Ali, S (2014). Effect of confinement on water-borne and whole  body cortisol in wild and Captive reared rainbowfish (Melanoteania duboulayi). Int. J. Agric. Biol. 16: 183-188.  Impact factor:- 0.94          
  •  Ullah,S., Hasan, Z.,  Zuberi, A., Younus , N., Rauf,  (2014). Comparative Study on Body  Composition of Two Chinese Carps, Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio) and Silver Carp  (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix).  Global Veterinaria 13 (5): 867-876           
  • Faiz, H.,  Zuberi, A., Nazir, S., Rauf, M (2014). Zinc Oxide, Zinc Sulphate and Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles as Source of Dietary Zinc:  Comparative Effects on Growth and Hematological Indices of Juvenile Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella). Int. J.  Agric. Biol.  In press. Impact factor :- 0.94 
  •    Kifayat Ullah Khan, Amina zuberi*, Imdad Ullah1 and Sajjad (2014)  Effects Of Graded Level Of Dietary L-Ascorbyl-2-Polyphosphate On Growth Performance And Some Hematological Indices Of Juvenile Mahseer (Tor Putitora). Int. J. Agric. Biol.  In press. Impact factor :- 0.94 
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  •  Kausar, N., Zuberi, A.,  Naeem, M., Abdi, I.A.,  Dilshad  Ahmad Khan, D.A  and  Ullah , I (2013). Status of Whole Body Cortisol and Total Protein Content in Eggs, Embryos and Larvae of Silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix). Int. J. Agric. Biol., 15: 252‒258. Impact factor :- 0.94             Raoult, V., Brown, C., Zuberi, A., Williamson, J.E. (2012). Blood cortisol concentrations predict boldness in juvenile mulloway (Argyosomus japonicus).  Journal of  Ethology .30(2):225-232.  DOI10.1007/s10164-011-0314-9. Impact factor :- 1.183
  •   Zuberi, A., Ali, S., Brown, C. (2011).A non-invasive assay for monitoring stress responses: A comparison between wild and captive-reared rainbowfish (Melanoteania duboulayi). Aquaculture. 321(3-4): 267-272. Impact factor :- 2.041         Zuberi,A., Gima, M., Gima , A., Huston, A.,Chaimongkol, A., Li., Umali-Maceina, G., Dunham, R. (2011). Diet fed to brood stock effects the growth of channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus L) fry. Aquaculture Research. 42(12): 1899- 1904.  doi:10.1111/j.1365-2109.2010.02780.x Impact factor :- 1.203        
  • Zuberi, A., Naeem, M  and Jalali, S. (2011).Relative in vitro effectiveness of several gonadal steroids on oocyte maturation in freshwater teleost Barilius vagra Afri.J. Biotech. 10(55): 11772-11777.  Impact factor :- 0.573        
  •  Zuberi, A., Naeem, M and Jalali, S. (2011). Effect of Human chorionic Gonadotrpin (hCG) on in vitro oocyte maturation in freshwater cyprinid, Barilius vagra Afri.J. Biotech. 10(74): 16986-16993. Impact factor :- 0.573
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  •  Zuberi, A., Kilinc-Balci, Dunham, R., Broughton, R. "Polymer implants for timed release of drugs with particular emphasis on ovulation or spermiation of fish." (2009) US20090162416 (Patent)  

Full Papers in National Journals (HEC Recognized Non-Impact Factor)

  • Zuberi, A., Hafiz M.A., Jalali S. (2002). Study of ovarian steroids by High performance liquid chromatography 1: Seasonal profile of free and conjugated steroids in freshwater teleost fishes, Cyprinion watsoni and Barilius vagra. Proc. of Pak. Acad. Sci. 39(1): 7-32. 
  • Zuberi, A., Hafiz M.A., Jalali S. (2002). Study of ovarian steroids by High performance liquid chromatography II: In vitro analysis of relative importance of steroids in oocyte maturation and their metabolism in local species of fresh water teleost fishes. Proc. of Pak. Acad. Sci. 39 (2): 151-174.


·      Zuberi, S., Zuberi, A., Aziz, S. (1995). Bibliography of Potato in Pakistan, (Abstracts and database). Pak- Swiss Potato Development project, PARC. Islamabad. 155p. PK. ISBN 969409111X (969-409-111-X).





Effect of early rearing environment at hatcheries on the growth and development of brain structure and hypothalamic-pituitary-interrenal (HPI) axis of Mahseer (Tor putitora) (7.92 million) By: HEC(In progress) Dr. Amina Zuberi (PI)

 ·         To study the effects of different levels of dietary ascorbic acids on growth, liver vitamin C and response to hypoxic stress in juvenile Silver carp (Hypophthalmic molitrix) " (0.5 million) By: HEC (10/05/2010-10/05/2010) Dr. Amina Zuberi (PI) Dr. Sajid Malik(Co PI)

 ·         Role of steroid hormone in regulation of ovarian follicular development in Tor putitora," (8.4 million) By: ALP (11/28/2005-11/28/2008) Dr. Amina Zuberi(PI)

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