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Annual Report
Research Journal of Pharmaceuticals, 1 (2011) 1-8.
72. Afzal Shah, Erum Nosheen, Rumana Qureshi, Muhammad Masoom Yasinzai, Suzanne K. Lunsford, Dionysios D.
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Department of Chemistry, QAU, Islamabad.
77. Zia ur Rehman, Saqib Ali, Afzal Shah and Rumana Qureshi, Structural properties antimicrobial and anticancer potency of
new organotin(IV) dithiocarboxylates, 3rd International Conference on Drug Discovery & Therapy February 7th to 10th,
2011, Dubai, UAE.
78. 10th International and 22nd National Chemistry Conference 2011 in November 21-23, 2011, Department of Chemistry
and Biochemistry, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan.
a. Afzal Shah, Erum Nosheen and Rumana Qureshi Electrochemical Characterization, Detoxification and Anticancer
activity of DidodecyldimethylammoniumBromide
b. Afzal Shah, Abdur Rauf, Erum Nosheen and Rumana Qureshi Redox mechanism of anthraquinone at a glassy carbon
c. Latif ur Rehman, Rumana Qureshi and Afzal Shah, Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of Ag-Cu alloy
nanoparticles prepared in various ratios.
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