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Annual Report
Conferences Attended/Participated: 1. 3rd Chemistry Conference 2011 on Recent Trends in Chemistry, October 17-19,
2011, PINSTECH, Islamabad Title: Synthesis, Spectroscopic and Thermochemical
Studies of Some Novel Carbazole-Pyridine Co-polymers.
2. 10th International and 22nd National Chemistry Conference 2011, November 21-
23, 2011 in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of
Agriculture, Faisalabad. Title “One Pot Synthesis, Crystal Structure And Antibacterial
Activity of Novel 5-Acetyl-3-Aryl-2-Thioxo-Dihydropyrimidine-4, 6(1h, 5h)-
10. HumairaMasood Siddiqi,
Associate Professor
M.Sc. andM.Phil.. (QAU), Ph.D. (France)
Field of Specialization:
Organic Synthesis, Polymer and Composites
M.Phil.. Produced:
Ms. Maria Sahkeel
Ms. NeelumHafeez
Mahwish Atta
Ms. Asma Iqbal
Ph.D. Produced:
1. Ms. Lubna Rahsid (as co-supervisor), “Synthesis of different classes of flavonoids,
their thio and imino derivatives having potential biological and industrial
2. Mr. Sadullah Mir (as supervisor), “Synthesis and characterization of Polyethylene
composites based on Polysaccharides”.
Research Project:
P.I. “Synthesis and characterization of novel epoxy amine polymers”, HEC, Rs.
6,525,960, 2007-10 (six-month extendable in 2011)
P.I. “Super- Toughened elastomeric coatings: Role of metal oxide nanoparticles in
property enhancement”, HEC, Rs. 3723247/- 2010-12.
Presentation in Conferences:
Abstract Published and Presented: Oral:
Humaira M. Siddiqi, Tanzeela Nazir, Adeel Afzal, Shaukat Saeed, Zakya Rubab,
Mental oxide/epoxy amine hybrids: synthesis, morphology and thermal properties.
9th International and 21st National Chemistry Conference-March 15-17, 2011
Asma Iqbal, Humaira M. Siddiqi, “Synthesis and Characterization of some rigid rod
like molecules as potential liquid crystals” 10th international and 22nd National
Chemistry Conference, November 21-23, 2011 at Faisalabad
Mahwish Atta, Humaira M. Siddiqi, Adeel Afzal and Amir Habib, “Synthesis and
characterization of epoxy-amine titania composites using glycidoxytrimethoxy
silane as a coupling agent”, 10th international and 22nd National Chemistry
Departmental Activity:
1. “Role of Therma analysis in advanced materials” Workshop (March 21-25, 2011)
PINSTECH, Islamabad
2. Workshop on Molecular modeling in Chemistry and beyond, May 29-31, 2011,
Department of Chemistry, QAU
3. National workshop on Silico tools in medicinal chemistry, December 22-25, 2011,
Department of Chemistry, QAU
Research Grants:
Super-Toughened elastomeric coatings: Role of metal oxide nanoparticles in
property enhancement, HEC, (2010-13) Rs. 3,723,247/-
11. M. Ilyas Sarwar,
Associate Professor
M.Sc., M.Phil.., Ph.D. (QAU)