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Annual Report
Medical Services
The Medical Centre of the University is conveniently situated on the main campus. The centre provides a range of services to
all patients within the area. The majority of patients are part of the University community and it is ensured that the services
match their current and future needs.
The Medical Centre provides a comprehensive general medical service to all its patients, sensitive to the particular needs and
problems in the whole University. The medical service is available to students, all members of the University and their families.
University visitors are also welcomed to use the services in an emergency situation. The Centre endeavors to provide High-
quality care in amanner that is culturally respectful, fiscally responsible and developmentally appropriate to students needs.
The stated mission of the Centre is “To enhance learning and students success by promoting, protecting, and restoring health
and well-being”.
The Medical Centre has an integrated care model, combining a wide range of medical counselling, prevention, and welfare
services, to help individual students so they can be physically and academically sound, healthy and successful.
TheMedical Centre provides the following facilities to its patients while at work.
First AidMedical Care:
The Centre provides First Aid to the patients and also detains the patients till improvements.
There is an onsite laboratory available to the students whose ordinary medical tests are performed here free of change. A
precision standard is maintained for the tests.
It provides medication to all the patients. Themedicines available are according to the latest research.
NightMedical Centre:
It provides medical cover for emergency at night hours.
Ambulance Service:
The University Ambulance service provides emergency care on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
Total number of patients January 2011 to December 2011, are 43882.
Total expenditure Rs.
Medical Facilities
Health Centre