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Annual Report
Development of
Online Admission System
The Online Admission Application System allows QAU to receive applications through the website in order to avoid collecting
physical forms. Candidates are required to visit the QAU official website to know the eligibility criteria, no. of seats, selection
criteria etc. Candidates are required to fill in the online admission form and submit it online. On successful submission of the
application the candidate receives a unique formno. against which he / she is required tomake the payment of the application
form. Merit list of eligible candidates are generated through the application and published on the admission website. The
Online Admission Application System can also be programmed to electronically notify candidates about the outcome of the
admission process.
Since the candidates information is entered by the candidates and this helps to reduce turnaround time for the entire
admission process. This saves a lot of time and effort on the part of the University as well as for the candidates. Moreover, the
merit list of admitted students is generated automatically by the application, ruling out any chance of foul play. In this case
only the deserving candidates get admission to the University.
QAU facilitates online admission process for undergraduate courses, post graduate courses, M.Phil and PhD progammes and
this online admission application system has received widespread acclaim from students, academics and guardians. The
Online Admission System integrates technology with the administrative/education process and is advantageous for both the
University and the students alike. It acts as a new success factor in addition to traditional sources of advantages.
Online system can be accessed throughout the University and outside as well with proper login provided. Previously student
details were entered manually. The student details in separate records are tedious task. As referring to all these records and
updating there were chances for more manual errors. Online admission system automates the process carried out with
improved performance and realizes the vision of paperless admission such as managing relevant details of large number of
students registered for different courses, creating student accounts and maintains the data effectively and reducing the
workload in the final selection of admission process. The online Admission system has also significantly assisted in activities
like updating, modification, deletion of records as it has made easier activities such as:
To reach geographically scattered students
To communicate with all the students effectively
To handle the date in a centralizedway
To share the data with all the concerned departments
To reduce the manpower needed to perform the entire admission and administration task by reducing the paper work
To effectively reducing the cost involved in the admission process
To develop the operational efficiency of the entire admission process of different programmes offered at QAU