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Annual Report
In 2005, QAU official website (web portal) was launched as the newly enhanced and developed gateway enabling users to
access their online University services.
QAU website enables users to access their University email account, Learning Central, electronic resources and journals, and
other online services from anywhere and at any time via a web browser. The portal features frequently updated targeted
content delivered to the individual user, so that users see the news, announcements, and campaigns that are relevant to their
role within the University.
The Web Portal team is currently engaging with the University community over the coming months to develop content and
functionality and to help Schools and departments utilize the increased potential of this new development.
During the spring and fall semester (Jan 1, 2011- Jan1, 2012), QAU Portal received:
Over 7.76million visitors
Almost 2.79million page viewers
The number of pages/ visits was almost 3.61
Users have accessedQAU Portal fromdifferent foreign countries as well
The use of QAU website comes mainly from prospective students as well as from current enrolled Master, MPhil and PhD
students including members of staff, scholars and researchers generally reflecting the demographic make-up of the
University community. Thus, QAU website is the gateway to web-based personalized electronic resources for the University
Mr. Asif Paul