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Annual Report
Seminar on “Sages of Chinese Philosophy”, On Wednesday, 11 May 2011, 10.00 AM, NIHCR Conference
Room, Islamabad.
Attended a Seminar on “Pakistan Customs: History and Culture”, Friday, 13 May 2011, 10.30 AM, NIHCR
Conference Room, Islamabad.
Attended a Presentation on the book “British Historiography of South Asia: Aspects of Early
Imperial/Modern Patterns and Perceptions”, Friday, 24 June 2011, 11.00 AM, NIHCR Conference Room,
Seminar on “Electoral Politics in Pakistan”, Friday, 17 June 2011, 11.00 AM, NIHCR Conference Room,
Presented a seminar paper on “How the Trauma caused an incessant Insurrection: A case Study of the War
of Independence in Bengal, 1857--1859”, Friday, 10 June 2011, 11.00 AM, NIHCR Conference Room,
Attended a Seminar on “European Constitution”, Friday, 03 June 2011, NIHCR Conference Room,
Attended a Seminar on “Politics of Child Trafficking in South Asia: Pakistan a Case in Point”, Friday, 22 July
2011, 11.00 AM, NIHCR Conference Room, Islamabad.
International/ National
- Ten seminars/conferences attended/organized
- Gave a Seminar on “Pakistan Policy Towards Afghanistan
(1985-88)” at the Area Study Centre University of Peshawar
on 27-4-2011
Presentation in Conference:
Abstract Published and Presented Article on “Geneva
Accord 1988” sent to Journal of Regional Studies, Islamabad
Research Fellow
M.Phil (Ph.D in Progress)
Field of Specialization:
Pakistan Studies
Research Project
Working on “Insurgency in Balochistan during Musharraf's Regime: Domestic
and International Factors.
Conferences Attended
Attended and worked for three days International Conference on “Islamic
Archaeology” from 21 to 23 January 2011 organized by National Institute of
Historical and Cultural Research, in collaboration with IRCICA at the Hillview
Hotel, Jinnah Super Market (F-7Markaz), Islamabad.
Presentation in Conference
Instead of presenting papers in any conference the scholar completed his Ph.D
course work at National Institute of Pakistan Studies during period of 2011.
Delivered two talks on the Balochistan and Insurgency respectively during
2011 at the weekly seminar programme of NIHCR
Research Publications
Causes of Military Interventions in Pakistan: A Revisionist Discourse, submitted
to Dialogue Journal for publication
General Musharraf's Coup and Policies, submitted to Pakistan Journal of
History and Culture for publication