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Annual Report
and Culture (IRCICA) organized a three day international congress on Islamic architecture, to take place in Islamabad
during the second week January 2011.
National/International Conferences
International Conference on “Islamic Archaeology” held in Islamabad 21-23 January 2011 in collaboration
with IRCICA, Istanbul.
Akhtar Rasool
Research Fellow
Ph.D. (Louisiana State University, USA)
Field of Study:
Ongoing Research Project:
Syncretic Rituals and Shrine Culture in Lahore'' (in progress)
The undersigned enrolled in Ph.D. in September 2011 and currently
completing the course work.
- Organised the Mega International Conference on Islamic Archaeology as
Focal Person. The conference was organised in collaboration with IRCICA from
21-23 Jan 2011 and was attended by 29 foreign delegates all over the world
and 15 delegates fromPakistan.
- Attended the international conference on South Asian Historiography by
Quaid-i-AzamUniversity, Islamabad.
- Two presentations regarding “Punjab and Foreign Invasions”, and “Role of
Ulema in PakistanMovement” were given in the Seminars at NIHCR.
Biannual Journal of NIHCR:
Have been working as Assistant Editor of Pakistan Journal of History and
Pakistan Journal of History and Culture, since February 2009 and regularly editing and processing various
articles assigned.
National Institute of Historical and Cultural Research, Centre of Excellence, Quaid-i-AzamUniversity
Altaf Ullah
Research Fellow
M.Phil (PhD in Progress)
Field of Specialization:
Pakistan Studies
Research Project: R&D:
A pilot project titled “Directory of Writers in History and Culture” has recently
been completed and published by the Institute.
Conferences Attended:
- National/International:
(i) International Conference on “The Emergence of Social Sciences in Pakistan”
organized by the Quaid-i-Azam University in collaboration with Higher
Education Commission, Islamabad on 27 April, 2012.
Articles Published in Newspapers National Institute of Historical and Cultural Research (NIHCR) Centre of
Excellence, Quaid-i-AzamUniversity, Shahadara Road, Islamabad.
Progress Report of Research staff for theYear 2011