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Annual Report
Pakistan: A Cultural History
Research Projects in Progress
History of Education in Pakistan
Local and District HistoryWriting in Pakistan
Subject Indexation of various Journals
Directory of Researchers
Joint Ventures with TIAC
The NIHCR is planning a joint venture in the research of Asian Civilizations with Taxila Institute of Asian Civilization
(TIAC), Quaid-i-Azam University. This project would be the primary concern of the TIAC and the NIHCR. The
proposed project would lead to a joint publication in three languages at least (Chinese, Turkish and English)
highlighting the role of the races inhabiting this region particularly during the 13th and 14th centuries AD.
A possible title of the publication would be Mongol Period and Buddhism: Mountains Desserts and
A conference in which scholars from South Asia, Central Asia and the Far East would be invited along with
some Western scholars who have specialization on the Mongol period or those who have dealt with this
region during these centuries.
A Safari in which the scholars attending this conference may start from one end of the area influenced by
the Mongols and traced their path in at least one of the three directions of Mongol expansion during the
13th century.
Future Plans
Publication Targets
Pakistan Journal of History and Culture
Mujallah Tarikh wa Saqafat-i-Pakistan
Books for Publication
Research and Publication Programme in 4 Phases (2009-2028)
It is long ago that NIHCR initiated a plan of providing comprehensive research work on different topics regarding
Pakistan Freedom Struggle. Theses topics range from personalities to various other aspects of Pakistan Movement
i.e. the emergence of Muslim nationalism, two nation theory, provincial politics and many more. This grand series of
different topics was consisted of four phases duringwhich some specific project will be completed.
Conferences/Symposiums to be arranged byNIHCR
Seminars onWeekly Basis
International Conference on Archaeology of South Asia: MuslimPeriod
The National Institute of Historical and Cultural Research in collaboration with Research Centre for Islamic History Art