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Annual Report
The Computer Centre was established in early 1972. Keeping in view the importance of computing discipline in the education
sector it was then equipped with a general-purpose mainframe computer system IBM-360, Model G-44. The University and
the Ford Foundation jointly financed the purchase of this system. Themain objective was to provide computing facilities to the
students, teachers and research scholars, and automate various business processes relating to management and academic
In 1973, the Computer Centre also managed to start its teaching activities by offering Postgraduate Diploma in Computer
Sciences and Short Term computer courses. The experience gained through offering such courses in computer sciences at an
introductory level consequently paved the way for making a successful start to establish a Computer Science Department to
offer MSc. degree programme in September 1976.
The computing facilities have been extended gradually. At present, two computer labs have been established in the Computer
Centre consisting of 45 PC's and are networked. The students are using computer labs to get completed their assignments,
project work and access internet. The labs remain open for the students duringworking days.
During the year 2010-11, the Computer Centre put its best to automate various business processes as required by the
different departments. Such software systems (Customized software applications) have been successfully developed and
implemented in respective departments and are operational at present. The Computer Centre is also providing computer
support services related to software and hardwaremaintenance to all the departments in the University. The Computer Centre
actively participated in collecting information from all departments and Sections of the University and further organizing that
to be included in the University prospectus for the year 2011-12.
The Computer Centre made its best endeavourers to promote computer literacy and enhance technical and professional skills
of those wishing to become computer professionals. Since 1973, the Computer Centre has been offering Post-Graduate
Diploma in Computer Sciences and Professional Certificate Courses in Computer Applications. These courses not only help in
providing awareness about Information Communication Technologies but also generating revenue for the university. The
revenue generated is approximately 0.4 million during the session (2011-2012). In addition the Computer Centre also
provides consultancy services to other organizations in public sector on their request.
The Computer Centre intends to arrange professional training/workshops in areas such as IT acceptance in organizations,
Information Systems and Organizations, Business Process Re-engineering, Network Management, Networking Security,
Project Management, e-government for public/private organizations and ResearchMethods.
Dr. Rahat Hussain Bokhari
PhD (UK)
Field of Specialization:
Information SystemDevelopment
Deputy Director (Operations)
MA, BSc (Industrial), PGD (Computer Science)
Field of Specialization:
SystemAnalysis, Design and Implementation of Commercial Projects
Teaching andTechnical Staff