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Raiha Aftab
Emotional regulationmediating the impact of wellbeing in friend dyads
Nelofar Rauf
Stress and coping in Parents of children having AutismSpectrumDisorder (ASD)
Shahid Irfan
Personality traits, gender role beliefs and social axioms of graduate young adults
in Pakistan.
Gulnaz Zahid
Impact of Perceived School Climate upon Student Outcomes: Differential Role of
Mediating Variables
Adnan Adil
Impact of positive psychological capital on work attitudes, intentions, and behaviors
in university teachers
Siama Ambreen
WISC –IV: Adaptation translation and norms development in Pakistan.
Mamoona Ismail
Psychosocial functioning of children with disruptive behavior disorder
Research Seminars byM.Phil. Scholars:
Students Name
Seminar title
Psychological impact of irrational Belief in predicting trait anxiety &neuroticism
among university students
Sidra Irfan
Role of personality traits and need for cognition in persuasion process among
Mahreen Pervaiz
Personal values and ethics of lawyers and law students.
Syeda Tafseer Zahra
Effect of Collaborative vs. solitary learning in the problem solving behavior of primary
school children
Gender preferences with reference to Gender role attitude andmarital adjustment
among expectingmothers
Impact of irrational beliefs on trait anxiety and neuroticism
Events/Workshops At NIP
Applications of Structural upgrade the skill-oriented 23-24th Feb
Dr. Rubina Hanif
EquationModeling using knowledge of the faculty
graphical interface of a
and research students
latest software AMOS
Annual Report