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Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC)
The Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan has been emphasizing the importance of higher education through
establishing and implementingQuality Enhancement Cells (QECs) in public and private sector universities of the country.
Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad also took this initiative in 2006 as per HEC guidelines. The basic purpose of establishing
QEC is to promote the culture of quality education through self-assessment programmes that may further enhance the
quality of academic standards, which will ultimately lead to improvement in students' learning, teaching environment and
research capabilities.
The QEC helps in identifying the impediments, if any, to overcome these so as to enhance quality education and promoting
good practices thus achieving excellence in teaching, learning and research productivity.
The cell is responsible for initiating assessment and evaluation of the programmes offered in different departments of the
University. It provides necessary support to all the departments in preparing Self Assessment Report (SAR) of the academic
programmes, which is an important feedback for themanagement to bring further improvements.
Achieving excellence in quality education environment through implementation of standardized procedures and best
practices in learning and research.
Quality Promotion
The development of a program of activities to institutionalize a quality culture in higher education and a commitment to
continuous quality improvement.
Capacity Development
The development and implementation of initiatives to build and strengthen the capacity for high-quality provision at
institutional, programand individual level.
Faculty Assessment
Measurement of the expected outcome/performance from individual faculty member through internationally evaluated and
tested procedures after having provided the requisite teaching research infrastructure and facilities.
Departmental Reviews
Measurement of the performance of each Academic Department/ Institute/Center through conducting annual review based
on the standard parameters set for this purpose.
Regular assessment and review of Quaid-i-Azam University in order to ensure the quality of the teaching staff and the
teaching and training provisions provided to the students.
Annual Report