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Annual Report
Report, No. 50, (London: South Asian Strategic Stability Institute, February
Conferences International (8)
1. Participated in “The Gulf and the Globe,” The Gulf Forum 2011 in Riyadh,
Kingdomof Saudi Arab fromDecember 3-5, 2011
2. “Tactical Nuclear Weapon: Deterrence Stability between India and Pakistan,”
paper presented in The U.S.-Pakistan Strategic Partnership: A Track-Two
Dialogue for Long-Term Security Cooperation, organized by the Center on
Contemporary Conflict (CCC), U.S. Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), in
collaboration with the Institute of Security and International Studies (ISIS),
Thailand at Phuket, Thailand fromSeptember 17-19, 2011
3. “Nuclear Proliferation: Causes and Trends in GCC,” talk at the M. A. in
Diplomacy Department at the American University in the Emirates, Dubai, on
July 29, 2011
4. Participated in the 10th IISS Asia Security Summit, The Shangri-La Dialogue,
Organized by International Institute of Strategic Studies, London at Singapore
on June 3-5, 2011
5. “Religious Radicalism/Extremism in Pakistan: Causes and Directions,” paper
presented in Roundtable organized by HannsSeidal Foundation, Germany at
VeranstaltungimPaul-Lobe-Haus, Berlin, onMay 16, 2011
6. “Religious Extremism and Militancy in Pakistan and its Implications in South
Asia,” paper presented in a seminar organized by Centre for Nepal and Asian
Studies, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal and Hiroshima University,
Hiroshima, Japan at Kathmandu, Nepal, onMarch 30, 2011
7. “Obama's Afghanistan and Pakistan Strategy,” paper presented in a
workshop on Peacemaking and Peace Building Europe and South Asia,
organized by the Nelson Mandela Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution,
JamiaMillia Islamia University and EU's Asia Link Program at New Delhi, India
fromFebruary 19-21, 2011
8. “Towards Nuclear Zero in South Asia: A Realistic Narrative,” paper presented
in a workshop on Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution in South Asia,
organized by the Centre for International Studies in Dublin City University, at
Dublin, Ireland from January 19-20, 2011
Conferences National (5)
1. “Strategic Stability and PAROS,” paper presented in Three-Day International
Conference “FissileMaterial Treaty (FMT): Possibility and Prospects,” Organized
by South Asian Strategic Stability Institute, London, at Islamabad from March
20-22, 2011
2. “A comparative analysis of the policies of EU and Pakistan on the issue of
Iranian nuclear proliferation,” paper presented in a seminar New
Developments in EU-Pakistan Relations, organized by the Area Study Centre
for Europe, University of Karachi & the HannsSeidal Foundation, Islamabad, at
Karachi, Pakistan onMarch 16, 2011
3. “Ballistic Missile Defense: Implications for India-Pakistan Strategic
Environment,” paper presented in a workshop on Strategic Stability, Escalation
Control, Nuclear CBMs and Peace Process between India and Pakistan,
organized by Defence& Strategic Studies Department, Quaid-i-Azam