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October 4, 2011
Moderated the launching ceremony of Project on
Women Empowerment, organised by the Pakistan
United States Alumni Network, on educating
Women Electorate, Islamabad.
June 17, 2011
Presented “SALW as the Real Weapons of Mass
Destruction & Changing Nature of War,” at the
SeminarProliferation of Small Arms and its impact
on Internal Security Dynamics, organized by
CAMP in collaboration with IANSA.
May 9-10, 2011
Presented “Militancy and Its Impact on the Future
of Pakistan,” at the 6th Techno Mootorganized by
the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
(CIIT), Abbottabad.
“The Nature of Complex Emergencies: Impact of Earthquakes
Pakistan's Case
Study,” Published in Peace and Security Review Vol.4, No.8, Second Quarter,
2011. Research Journal of Bangladesh Institute for Peace & Security Studies,
“Radicalisation & Its Impact on Pakistan's Foreign Policy,” book chapter in
Pakistan's Foreign Policy Analysis at Domestic, Regional & International Levels,
published by the Dept. Of International Relations, University of Peshawar in
Collaboration with Hans Siedel Foundation, Germany.
“Politics of Radicalization and De-radicalization: Impact on Pakistan's Security
Dynamics,” Published in Conflict and Peace Studies, Vol. 04, No. 02, Apr-Jun
2011, Research Journal of Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies, PIPS, Islamabad.
“Small and Light Weapons Manufacturing in Pakistan,” published in South
Asian Journal, Vol. 33, July-September 2011. A quarterly periodical for South
Asian Journalists and Scholars, Publication of the South Asia Free Media
Association, SAFMA, Lahore, Pakistan.
“Bringing down the walls,” Dawn, Tuesday August 2, 2011.
“Carrying forward the engagement” is not enough,” DAWN, Thursday, June
30th, 2011. “Pakistan in Regional and Global Politics,” book review in the
PakistanJournal of International Relations, Vol. 2 (2), July 2010, Publication of
the Department of International Relations, University of Karachi.
Mr. Muhammad Sadiq:
M.Phil. DSS, (2007), M.Sc. DSS (2005)
Field of Specialization
Contemporary Issues in Defence and Security Studies, nuclear Proliferation,
Arms Control and Disarmament, Indo-US Strategic Partnership: Implications
for Pakistan, Nuclear Strategy
Conferences &Seminars
Muhammad Sadiq, “The Global Non-Proliferation Regime: The Conundrum of
South Asian Integration”, Paper presented in Two Day Workshop on
“Deterrence Stability in South Asia”, (January 11-12, 2011), A joint event of
DSS-QAU, Carnegie&Stimson Centre, Washington DC.
Annual Report