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Department of
Anthropology and Sociology
The department of Anthropology at QAU has the distinction of being the first and as of now, the only separate and
independent Department in the country. Due to the efforts of Prof. Dr. Ahmad Hassan Dani, it was established in 1974 under a
programme of collaboration with the Universities of Pennsylvania (USA) and Heidelberg (Germany).
The faculty envisions to strengthen and enhance the existing teaching and research program in the department and to
upgrade it at par with the international academic standards by adopting a process of accreditation from globally recognized
entities, prepare scholars and graduates in the field of Social Anthropology and to add up to the human recourse and help
foster think tanks for national and international organizations requiring ideas and advice on issues related to Social Sciences
and particularly about Social Anthropology.
The department was offering Master's degree since its inception. From September 2002, the department expanded its
academic programmes and initiated the classes of M.Sc. (self-finance), M.Phil. and Ph.D. At present there are 214 M.Sc., 46
M.Phil. and 27 Ph.D. students as the M.Phil and Ph.D. Enrollment in the department has increased manifold. A large number of
government and non-government organizations are being contacted for research collaboration.
The department is actively involved in research activities. Higher Education Commission (HEC) and British Council Islamabad
have awarded some research projects to the Department. In 2007-10, the Department completed the research project
entitled “Socio-economic and Psychological Factors involved in Spread of HIV AIDS in Pakistan” sponsored by Higher
Education Commission and British Council under the Higher Education linkages project.
At present, the Department is running the following two projects:
Migration, Education and Development sponsored by HEC-BC International Strategic Partnerships in Research and
Education (INSPIRE)
Developing Institutional Strategies on Knowledge Exchange (DISKE), sponsored by Higher Education Commission and
British Council
Conducted and supervised several ethnographic studies related to Rural Development, Role of Women in Development,
Agriculture, Irrigation andWater Management
FromFall semester 2011, the Department started the classes of M.Sc. Sociology under the umbrella of Anthropology.
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Department of Sociology
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