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Annual Report
Key ResearchCollaborationsWorldwide
1. LandauNetwork-CentroVolta, Italy
Survey and awareness raising on biosecurity and dual use issues for life science graduate students in Pakistan
2. Health Consortiumof Canada (HCC) INC, Canada
Consultation services for the development of Institute of Health Sciences and teaching hospital at QAU
Development of International Research Laboratory
Creating new programs in Health Sciences includingNursing, Paramedics, and Professional Education Courses
3. Cambridge/Oxford University, UK
Advancement in the field of Chemistry
4. University of Heidelberg, Germany
Interdisciplinary and research-oriented joint research activities
5. Washington State University, USA
Secure PakistanWheat Production through Controlling Rusts
6. Department of Geography, University of Bonn, Germany
Scientific cooperation in the field of highmountain research in Northern Pakistan
7. British Institute of Technology and E-Commerce, UK
Cooperation in the fields of Computer Science and IT, Engineering Sciences, Microelectronics and Engineering,
Nanophysics, Nanotechnology and emerging fields
8. University of Illinois, USA
Cooperation in the fields of Physics andNanotechnology
Foreign Academic Linkages /
Institutional Linkages