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6. Robina Rashid
Lecturer, M.Sc. andMS (Pakistan)
Field of Specialization:
Software Engineering
7. KhurrmGulzar Rana
Lecturer, M.Sc. (Pakistan)
Field of Specialization:
Computer Networks
8. Sidra Batool Kazmi
Lecturer, BS&MS (Pakistan)
Field of Specialization:
Digital Image Processing
9. Abida Sadaf,
Lecturer, BS&M.Phil. (Pakistan)
Field of Specialization:
Abida Sadaf:
Publications 2011
A. Sadaf 2011.
“Software Change Size Prediction to Support Project Planning”. Lambert Academic Publishing.
Z. Saeed, A. Sadaf, S. Muhammad 2011.
“Activity-based correlation of Personal Documents and their visualization using association rule mining”. In proceedings of
IEEE, International Conference on Emerging Technologies 2011
Sidra Batool Kazmi, Lecturer, IIT
Reference Type: Journal Article
1st Author: Sidra Batool Kazmi, 2nd Author: Qurat-ul-Ain, 3rd Author: M. Arfan Jaffar.
Primary Title: Wavelets-based facial expression recognition using a bank of support vector machines
Journal Name: Soft Computing - A Fusion of Foundations, Methodologies and Applications
Issue Title: Special Issue on Bio-inspired Computing for Hybrid Information Technology
Impact Factor (2010): 1.512
PublishedOn-line: 2011, Published In-Print: 2012.
Publisher: Springer Berlin / Heidelberg
Issn: 1432-7643
Subject: Engineering
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