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The Institute of Information Technology (IIT) was established in the summer of 2003. The main objective of the Institute is to
contribute to the critical mass of an Information technology workforce in order to meet the growing need of a fast expanding
economy in the rapidly globalizing world.
The Institute is committed to providing a learning experience of excellence to a diverse group of students at affordable cost.
Most importantly the focus will be on linkage with private sector industry, public sector organizations and the non-
government sector.
Recognizing the fact that Information Technology is having a profound impact upon almost every aspect of human activity
and changing the shape of our future. The department is focused on producing IT specialists, professionals who can
contribute towards the existing body of knowledge both methodologically and practically. Two-years Master Programme
consists of Spring and Fall semesters where students are also admitted on self-finance basis
Enrollment inM.Sc. Programme
Assistant Professor:
Azhar Saeed, Munawwar Iqbal, Madiha Haider Syed, Bushra Almas, Abdul Qudoos Abbasi.
Robina Rashid, KhurramGulzar Rana, Sidra Batool Kazmi, Abida Sadaf
1. Azhar Saeed,
Assistant Professor, MBA (Pakistan) and PhD (Canada)
Field of Specialization:
Management and Administration Science - Information Technology
2. Munawar Iqbal,
Assistant Professor, M.Sc. andMS (Pakistan)
Field of Specialization:
Software Engineering
3. Madiha Haider Syed,
Assistant Professor, M.Sc. (Pakistan)
Field of Specialization:
Data Structure and Algorithms
4. Abdul Qudoos Abbasi,
Assistant Professor, M.Sc. &MPhil (Pakistan)
Field of Specialization:
Software Engineering
5. Bushra Almas,
Assistant Professor, M.Sc. (Pakistan)
Field of Specialization:
Object Oriented Programming
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Spring Semester 2011
Fall Semester 2011
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Student Enrolled
Institute of
Information Technology