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Department of
Earth Sciences
The Department of Earth Sciences was established in 1973 to produce qualified and trained manpower in specialized areas of
Geophysics, Hydrogeology, and Geology. This was considered essential in view of expanding programmes of exploration of
natural resources, particularly for oil and gas, minerals, groundwater resource evaluation, groundwater contamination, GIS
and remote sensing, and numerical groundwater flow and transport modeling (computer modeling).
Further areas of priority are Earthquake Seismology, Geophysical well logging of the water, oil and gas wells, environmental
studies, and crustal studies. This Department was the only teaching institute in Pakistan since 1973, which awarded M.Sc.
degree in Geophysics. Our graduates have proved their worth in national and international companies and are engaged in
exploring and production activities, and also have contributed towards the establishment of research/development
programmes inmany organizations.
The Department is running M.Sc. (morning and evening), M.Phil.. and Ph.D. programs. Having laboratories that are equipped
with latest instruments and related software, the department has produced leading geophysicists and hydrogeologists who
have been serving within and outside the country.
Our department has produced more than 450 graduates in Geophysics who are working in OGDCL, WAPDA, FATA, SDA,
Punjmin, Schlumberger, Landmark, ENI Pakistan, OMV, Orient Petroleum, Petronas Carigali, POL, PPL, Premier Oil and several
other national and international organizations.
The department also organizes special lectures, seminars, and courses with support from various agencies like OGDCL, etc
and invites eminent scientists/experts from oil, water, and mineral industries. Besides, visits are arranged to oil fields, oil and
gas drilling sites, groundwater monitoring sites, dams/observatories and different mines.
The M.Phil. and Ph.D. program in Geophysics, Hydrogeology and Geology are also being actively conducted under the
sponsorship of HEC. With the availability of HEC fellowships for higher education, strength of our M.Phil.. and Ph.D. students
have been increasing enormously. Ninety-nine percent of Ph.D. scholars are receiving funding from HEC and working under
the supervision of HEC approved supervisors.
Presently, 56 students are enrolled in M.Phil. and 10 in Ph.D. Most of these scholars are from various national organizations
and doing research in various disciplines. The M.Phil.. and Ph.D. degrees are offered in Geophysics, Hydrogeology and
Earthquake Seismology.
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